Wedding April 28 horoscope


The basis for a strong and long union concluded under the sign of Gemini, is the activity and communication skills of both spouses. Throughout their life together will bring together common interests that will not interfere with each other's interests.
The couple can not get bored or get bored with each other, your friends or relatives. Their life will be a lot of travel, fun activities that they will hold together in a circle of trusted friends.

Sometimes a couple will need moments of solitude, do not be afraid of this, everyone needs periods of rest, try to spend time in solitude and harmony with your partner.
Not the best time for marriage. Third lunar day can negatively affect the state of mind of young people and spravotsirovat conflicts that can lead to scandals with unfortunate consequences.
The exception is a couple who are not going to spend a quiet evening on the couch, and ready to seek adventure and do extreme.
The wedding is planned in the same style, catchy and unique.
The energy of the first lunar phase is set to creativity. If your marriage does not carry negative or not a marriage of convenience, this is a favorable time for its conclusion.