Wedding March 26 horoscope


Union concluded under the influence of the sign of Pisces, envelops partners veil of tenderness and extraordinary dedication that ensures a very spiritual union.
On the part of such a pair may seem silent and closed, but in fact a pair of so harmonious and connected on an energetic level that the words they simply do not need.

Partners blindly trust each other and are willing to make sacrifices in order to overcome all the obstacles that life throws them. Spiritual values in this pair are above all material fade into the background, the main thing that they vmeste.Svadba for young and inexperienced couples in this day heralds the constant interference and dependence on parents, so if you dream of a marriage of autonomy and independence on this day it is not necessary to enter.
But for a more adult and mature couples marriage will be prosperous and strong.
The moon is in phase waning crescent. Last, the fourth phase of the moon is more suited to reflection and planning the wedding than for its registration. During this period it is better once again to think things through and discuss the nuances of future life together, and if it is possible to transfer the celebration, it is best to do it.