Sagittarius and Pisces compatibility



At first it may seem that you can not understand what a man wants, Fish. Soft, compliant, he agrees with everything and does not show that he had in mind. Sagittarius - optimist, but even then she dropped his hands: if he was satisfied her behavior? I wonder if he with her? What he wants to see their relationship?

To avoid mistakes when choosing a method conquest of Pisces, we must remember that Pisces ruled by the planet Neptune - female, soft, conjures up the illusion. But once, before the discovery of Neptune, Pisces were under the protection of a strong fire of Jupiter, that is, Sagittarius and Pisces have one planet-ruler. And soft, feminine, dreamy Pisces men remember that once they were priests and religious leaders, there were many among the higher clergy and the great magicians. They unconsciously seek the fire of Jupiter, which is in women-Archer. You conquer Pisces breadth of the soul, courage for the future, education and sexual temperament. Warm Pisces, give them strength and they in return will give you my love.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Female Sagittarius and Pisces man remain together if they share common spiritual ideals. And Pisces and Sagittarius - a sign which is not alien to the lofty ideas. Often it is the marriage of people deeply religious couple two benefactors, they are always ready to defend the ideals and help others. They - wonderful parents who teach their children to justice and charity.

Despite the dissimilarity of characters, they seamlessly together. Difficult time for such a pair - the beginning of the relationship. And then they adapt to one another, because both are very flexible and can be changed under the influence of a partner or circumstances. They do not argue on domestic issues: the Sagittarius and Pisces tend to give in, and will defend the only fundamental, important questions, such as life for them is not true.