Sagittarius and Capricorn compatibility



Capricorn restrained, indulges in the pleasures and resistant to temptations. So what tempting things you neither offered to him if they are not part of his plans, then to seduce him will not work. It is important that he wanted your relationship. Women of the water element - Crayfish, Scorpio and Pisces - great manipulators and could circle around the finger of Capricorn, but sincere and respectable woman, Sagittarius such behavior is unpleasant. Let's see what she can attract Capricorn?

Capricorn looks at life gloomy, pessimistic. Another important feature of it - a tendency to take care of loved ones, take responsibility for them. Optimist Sagittarius Capricorn should show that it will not add to his life full of responsibility and important cases, extra weight, but on the contrary, is ready to understand and maintain it. Capricorn will not give up that his life had more joy.

 But do not go too far. Capricorn Do not promise to deliver him from a serious view of the world and give the sea of romance and adventure. On the contrary, it is necessary to respect those traits that he believes merit - caution, responsibility, persistence. Show that you are ready to warm up his life for their warmth and good humor, without changing it.

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Perfect Match Sagittarius and Capricorn looks happy as any other loving couple. They are rarely seen together, because these men and women have different interests and rhythm of life. The happiest couple of characters I've ever seen, held together about half the time of the year. The second half of the husband-Capricorn dedicated work and his hobby, and his wife traveled Sagittarius. This did not prevent them to feel loving and happy.

This is the case in many pairs of Sagittarius and Capricorn. Perhaps this is because both signs - psychologically mature people, among them there is no infantile men and women. And as adults, they leave their half freedom. Among the few ideal couples very young Sagittarius and Capricorn: in his youth their values are very different, and boyish makes a person to wait any sign of the elect complete dissolution in love, which will not make any Sagittarius or Capricorn.

Most often between the Sagittarius and Capricorn misunderstandings occur on the topic of how to spend your free time. Strelchiha restless, she likes to chat, people, adventure. She needs to its leisure was interesting and creative. Capricorn is cautious, prudent, practical. He was not allowed into the adventure, and will be engaged ... think something useful? No, that should.

Capricorn has less than other signs, free time and leisure. This line is known and it makes good use of the relatives. Therefore Strelchiha may find that instead of meeting with friends of her brother Capricorn going to help move furniture or a mother - to dig up the garden. Here's a he man responsible and binding. Also it can be a hobby, which he gives all the time - stable for many years and not too entertaining. In this respect Capricorn his companion, he will give her freedom, would not control how she spends time. But most Strelchihe may be hurt once again appear alone where she wanted to be with loved ones.