Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility



Sagittarius man-woman immediately feels a kindred spirit. Everything in it will be attractive to him - its appearance, temperament, sense of humor and outlook on life. Therefore, they are easy to converge with the first minute. No matter what will be the first brick in the building of their relationship: common interests, mutual friendship, sexual desire, or something else. In any case, the relationship will evolve and accommodate everything possible common ground, not at once, then.

Push-Sagittarius man can tendency to exaggerate women demonstrate their independence. Yes, it is really a freedom Amazon, but the man Sagittarius by nature not a hunter. "At my age enough other women" - he decides, looking at yourself, keep your distance Strelchihu, and then find yourself someone else. If you want to win Sagittarius, do not pretend that this relationship and he is you do not need them and uninteresting. The sincerity of feelings - the best policy with this man.

Zodiac sign characteristics


A pair of two Archers from impresses, but somewhat tiring. Their "too much" - noisy, sociable, contact and active. It seems that it is not a couple, and at least a dozen people. Therefore, their love for companies willing to invite to the party, but the quiet home gatherings in private - not their habitat. A couple of Sagittarius can be found in the campaign, in the resort, in workshops and hobby courses. In addition, they are regulars expensive huge supermarkets and prestigious restaurants. Love festivals and shows.
Sagittarius is governed by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarius Jupiter pulls to the new, to the continued expansion of their horizons, to freedom and travel. In such aspirations Sagittarius difficult to stay long with one and the same person. The pair could be together, partner of Sagittarius have to be stable "elements" of the union. And when the second in a pair - Sagittarius, neither of permanence or durability of the question. Often pair the two Archers breaks by mutual agreement, and they remain good friends.
The second difficulty is related to the ratio of a pair of Sagittarius to the truth. On the one hand, Sagittarius appreciates the openness and truth does not tolerate lies and evasions. On the other - likes to exaggerate and embellish. When partner Sagittarius less "whistleblowers", he closes his eyes to exaggeration of Sagittarius itself behaves honestly. But two of Sagittarius will embellish any information and offended, received in response to the same partner.