Sagittarius and Libra compatibility



Libra man usually pleased with themselves and their lives. He is cautious, charming, love him around. He can not imagine life without a partner, so at the time of the meeting with a female Sagittarius, he certainly is in a relationship or just stop them. Libra polite, not adventurous, are quiet, approved by society life. They do not have a lot of fire, passion, temperament.

But, like any man, he wants to feel like a hunter, a conqueror. Sometimes he dreams of a passionate, tempestuous romance, even though he knew that in real life he is unlikely to agree to spit on convention and give up the quiet life for love. When it occurs horizon female Sagittarius, all dreams come to life Libra. He finds the perfect woman for love adventure - active and temperamental, but I respect the social norms of conduct and not demanding the impossible.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Libra realize that they can combine a passionate sexual relationship with the secularity and restraint, decency, to which they are accustomed. Therefore, especially for romance seduce Libra Sagittarius do not have to. Moreover, Libra - the master of courtship. Sagittarius woman will not have time to look back, as she would be tempted.

Once Libra convinced that Sagittarius share their views and they have sexual compatibility, they will not abandon the marriage. Because balance is not afraid of marital bonds, but rather willingly live in the family.

Surrounding see this couple as a union of social success and people loving each other. They love to invite guests, because they never load familiar problems and stories about the troubles do not conflict with each other in public. Man Libra and Sagittarius woman does not belong to those couples who create the problem, conflict families. Their neighbors are satisfied: this couple is always sweet, polite, friendly, not satisfied with the explanation of the relationship between the noise is directly on the site. If you live near the Sagittarius and Libra, you can be sure - you'll never have to call the police to calm the brawlers. On the contrary, this pair comes a feeling of success and prosperity.

If using synastry look inside the relationship, it will be seen that these people are completely happy with your family. They have a good understanding, common goals, different sexual compatibility. Both do not like to arrange a problem on level ground, easy to live, decide all questions of the world. They are not boring, do not like to chew on themselves, avoid unnecessary emotions. The couple often rich house, established way of life, educated and charming children.