Sagittarius and Сancer compatibility



It is safe to say that the ideal pair of Sagittarius and Cancer does not exist. They decay very quickly. So that each pair of which is together for some time, can give us an idea of the perfect partnership of these signs. From the side it is more introverted, taciturn man and sociable woman. The company is not trying to draw him into conversation, but with unusual tact Sagittarius translates to another subject that Cancer can be unpleasant.

If a couple lives together, they willingly accept guests themselves. They like to show off their home, and there really is something to see! Regardless of the style, it is a rich, beautiful homes, which is the soul. The second object of their pride - children. Both of them love and responsible approach to education. The third reason to be proud of such a family - ... that's right, his mother.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Synastry says temperamental, active life loving Sagittarius and Cancer-homebody will be hard together. But if you think about it, the cancer is not so homebody. He recognizes the primacy of the women in the house, behaves quietly and sells men's ambitions on the side. A Sagittarius, with her love for traveling, appreciate traditions and needs in a safe house. So similarities if you look closely, they have. But even if we do not pay attention to them, the mutual respect and family feeling - it is enough for a pair of perfect happiness.

It would seem that the most difficult Sagittarius and Cancer agree on how to spend time. One wants to activity and new experiences, the other with pleasure sit at home. One eagerly gather contact with unfamiliar weight and generally unknown, but interesting people, second only can relax in the circle of close friends. But this is not really a problem. Most often, they manage to find a compromise. The problem begins when something hurts Cancer.

Angered Cancer - this show is not for the faint of heart. He aggressively any Aries. A Strelchiha, even though fire sign, a timid soul and lost to those who are stronger. Sagittarius - the sign of the cross rolling. These people are adapting to the situation and abandon their plans in the event of obstacles. Therefore, Sagittarius in the conflict can not keep it constructive - it is not "the oppression of his line", which eventually would bring to the roots of the problem and respond to the word cancer and it is easy to manipulate. But in the heat of Cancer feelings also can not control the dialogue. And instead of the scandal, which resulted in the couple comes to some sort of decision, it turns ugly and useless quarrel.