Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility



Gemini's interest is simple. These men take everything except stupidity and tediousness. Fortunately, a female Sagittarius does not have these qualities. She knows a lot, everyone is interested in, often well educated or to educate ourselves and willing to support a conversation on any topic. As the men of the Twin practically does not occur "monks", then to seduce him in the truest sense of the Sagittarius will be easy. The main task - not to spend the night with him (or a couple of nights) and become his sole and build strong relationships. Let's see what a woman Sagittarius can take for this.

The twins will be interesting to learn as much as possible. If Strelchiha ready to help him in this, he will be grateful. This does not mean you have to constantly tell him new and interesting history. Help him get to where he is without your help will not get. Think about their held, influential friends and ask them for help in getting tickets to a rare spectacle, skip to the library closed institutions turputevku on an exclusive route. Male Gemini will choose her life partner, guided by reason. Therefore, it is important that he saw in you Minded, as well as the person with whom his life will be richer and more interesting.

Zodiac sign characteristics


This moving, interesting, sociable people who can make a recovery in any company. They never get bored, everyone has many interests. Most pairs of each of the partners has its own interests, they are not jealous of each other to a study conducted for separateness time. But the most wonderful relationship in those couples where Strelchiha and Gemini in the same business. Often this work or hobby related to intellectual activity - journalism, research, teaching. Such pairs can be found among the teachers of the university and in the offices.

If you look at the synastry with the help of the relations within couples, it will be seen that most of the people in it combines mutual interest and intellectual friendship. Even after years of living together such an alliance is somewhat reminiscent of student affair. They talked a lot about each other, argue, share news. If we are talking about a family with a total budget, the money is little. This is a rare case when Sagittarius ready calmly to lack of collateral life. But with the Twins her so interesting, and in addition he gives her a degree of freedom that financial matters are no longer important. However, if both have found their calling in work and employment in the social or intellectual spheres of activity, to adulthood, they become specialists in demand and well paid job. However, to save "for a rainy day", they still will not.