Sagittarius and Aries compatibility



Sagittarius woman does not need to do a lot of effort. These two are made for each other and the man immediately feel an interest in Strelchihe. To make it the best impression, use your zodiac such virtues as honesty, activity, a keen interest in what is happening around, the power of the senses. If you want to show male Aries, how much you have in common with him, it is best not to do this with words and discussions, and business. Aries and Sagittarius equal temperament, they both tend to notice first of all things, and then they motivated. Accompany hiking, stadium, walk the dog. Active holidays bring you closer stronger than any revelation of himself.

It is worth remembering that Aries easily and quickly extinguished lights. And if disappointment happened to return his interest is almost impossible. So try to keep it in good shape, for him to be interesting and desirable. When your character is easy. Independent Amazon Sagittarius Aries will always be desirable prey that never get to win completely.

Zodiac sign characteristics


From the outside it fun, active, initiative steam. Both open smile and feature behavior. At first, others may frighten their head, but they rarely put pressure on people and forced to do something. More likely to live their lives and make a recovery in any company where there.

Synastry says that the union women and men Sagittarius Aries beneficial to both of them. The woman in this pair reaches more than one would have reached, because often it lacks decisiveness, and it yields the circumstances, what Aries never does. The right to take the plunge and leadership in a pair of Aries. In turn Aries limited horizons of his own. He did not notice that in addition to his person, so part of it remains unsold abilities - he can not find where they can be applied. Female Sagittarius significantly expands the horizons of Aries.

In everyday life, this pair is never boring. They are always active in the affairs or rest. Often work together, because only each other to find the necessary initiative and efficiency. Often start from scratch business and achieve success.

They have a great sexual compatibility. Sagittarius woman good to children, but does not seek to completely give herself to motherhood. So the children they may be too late. Aries is no objection, he would not mind to stay center of the family itself.