Sagittarius and Pisces compatibility



At first it may seem that you can not understand what a man wants, Fish. Soft, compliant, he agrees with everything and does not show that he had in mind. Sagittarius - optimist, but even then she dropped his hands: if he was satisfied her behavior? I wonder if he with her? What he wants to see their relationship?

To avoid mistakes when choosing a method conquest of Pisces, we must remember that Pisces ruled by the planet Neptune - female, soft, conjures up the illusion. But once, before the discovery of Neptune, Pisces were under the protection of a strong fire of Jupiter, that is, Sagittarius and Pisces have one planet-ruler. And soft, feminine, dreamy Pisces men remember that once they were priests and religious leaders, there were many among the higher clergy and the great magicians. They unconsciously seek the fire of Jupiter, which is in women-Archer. You conquer Pisces breadth of the soul, courage for the future, education and sexual temperament. Warm Pisces, give them strength and they in return will give you my love.

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Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility



A pair of female Sagittarius and Aquarius men often formed unpredictably, without any effort on her or him. They often occur unexpectedly: transport, on vacation, anywhere, but not familiar with the common or general work. Remembering the time of dating, and through the years they will be amazed coincidence that brought them together.

After dating a woman does not have to make an effort to win the Aquarius. They are mysteriously drawn to each other, and the novel begins very quickly. There is no merit Sagittarius or Aquarius, none of them tries to seduce, to charm, to achieve partner. Everything happens by itself, because these signs are made for each other.

What to do if you like a familiar Aquarius, which at the time for not slipped a spark? Unwind events will not turn back. We need to act in the current situation. The main weapon Sagittarius becomes its friendliness, toughness and independence of judgment and knowledge. Aquarius - a good friend, he was willing to go to communion friendship forever, well beyond simply can not remain indifferent to a female Sagittarius. Her expressive eyes and sincere smile bewitch him.

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Sagittarius and Capricorn compatibility



Capricorn restrained, indulges in the pleasures and resistant to temptations. So what tempting things you neither offered to him if they are not part of his plans, then to seduce him will not work. It is important that he wanted your relationship. Women of the water element - Crayfish, Scorpio and Pisces - great manipulators and could circle around the finger of Capricorn, but sincere and respectable woman, Sagittarius such behavior is unpleasant. Let's see what she can attract Capricorn?

Capricorn looks at life gloomy, pessimistic. Another important feature of it - a tendency to take care of loved ones, take responsibility for them. Optimist Sagittarius Capricorn should show that it will not add to his life full of responsibility and important cases, extra weight, but on the contrary, is ready to understand and maintain it. Capricorn will not give up that his life had more joy.

 But do not go too far. Capricorn Do not promise to deliver him from a serious view of the world and give the sea of romance and adventure. On the contrary, it is necessary to respect those traits that he believes merit - caution, responsibility, persistence. Show that you are ready to warm up his life for their warmth and good humor, without changing it.

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Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility



Sagittarius man-woman immediately feels a kindred spirit. Everything in it will be attractive to him - its appearance, temperament, sense of humor and outlook on life. Therefore, they are easy to converge with the first minute. No matter what will be the first brick in the building of their relationship: common interests, mutual friendship, sexual desire, or something else. In any case, the relationship will evolve and accommodate everything possible common ground, not at once, then.

Push-Sagittarius man can tendency to exaggerate women demonstrate their independence. Yes, it is really a freedom Amazon, but the man Sagittarius by nature not a hunter. "At my age enough other women" - he decides, looking at yourself, keep your distance Strelchihu, and then find yourself someone else. If you want to win Sagittarius, do not pretend that this relationship and he is you do not need them and uninteresting. The sincerity of feelings - the best policy with this man.

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Sagittarius and Libra compatibility



Libra man usually pleased with themselves and their lives. He is cautious, charming, love him around. He can not imagine life without a partner, so at the time of the meeting with a female Sagittarius, he certainly is in a relationship or just stop them. Libra polite, not adventurous, are quiet, approved by society life. They do not have a lot of fire, passion, temperament.

But, like any man, he wants to feel like a hunter, a conqueror. Sometimes he dreams of a passionate, tempestuous romance, even though he knew that in real life he is unlikely to agree to spit on convention and give up the quiet life for love. When it occurs horizon female Sagittarius, all dreams come to life Libra. He finds the perfect woman for love adventure - active and temperamental, but I respect the social norms of conduct and not demanding the impossible.

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Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility



Female Sagittarius man-arrange the Virgin at a glance. He impressed by its appearance, manners, easy to talk to. So you can assume that in the struggle for the Virgin you already have a head start over most rivals. Which at this stage do not need to? Do not assume that a man fascinated by your "charm" and he want from you "just one." Do not try to seduce him. Male Virgin cleanly in the relationship, including physically, and a few timid. Persistent unfamiliar sex bomb just scare him.

It is better to talk to the Virgin. Virgo likes to talk, loves to criticize and find flaws, but its own outlook is not limitless. It is unlikely that he will learn from you, but some interesting facts to help if something happens to keep the conversation on this subject, he can gain from you. Well, if you're interested in religion, philosophy, culture and traditions of different peoples. Virgo happy to talk about these issues. What else to do? Show your awareness in the sex industry, adventure tourism and questionable in terms of safety seats. Virgo not only be grateful for this "expansion" of his horizons, but also try to keep away from you: you never know what happens in exotic infection that your Indonesia? Best of all, if you do show that broadens the mind only through books and the Internet.

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Sagittarius and Сancer compatibility



It is safe to say that the ideal pair of Sagittarius and Cancer does not exist. They decay very quickly. So that each pair of which is together for some time, can give us an idea of the perfect partnership of these signs. From the side it is more introverted, taciturn man and sociable woman. The company is not trying to draw him into conversation, but with unusual tact Sagittarius translates to another subject that Cancer can be unpleasant.

If a couple lives together, they willingly accept guests themselves. They like to show off their home, and there really is something to see! Regardless of the style, it is a rich, beautiful homes, which is the soul. The second object of their pride - children. Both of them love and responsible approach to education. The third reason to be proud of such a family - ... that's right, his mother.

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Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility



Gemini's interest is simple. These men take everything except stupidity and tediousness. Fortunately, a female Sagittarius does not have these qualities. She knows a lot, everyone is interested in, often well educated or to educate ourselves and willing to support a conversation on any topic. As the men of the Twin practically does not occur "monks", then to seduce him in the truest sense of the Sagittarius will be easy. The main task - not to spend the night with him (or a couple of nights) and become his sole and build strong relationships. Let's see what a woman Sagittarius can take for this.

The twins will be interesting to learn as much as possible. If Strelchiha ready to help him in this, he will be grateful. This does not mean you have to constantly tell him new and interesting history. Help him get to where he is without your help will not get. Think about their held, influential friends and ask them for help in getting tickets to a rare spectacle, skip to the library closed institutions turputevku on an exclusive route. Male Gemini will choose her life partner, guided by reason. Therefore, it is important that he saw in you Minded, as well as the person with whom his life will be richer and more interesting.

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Sagittarius and Taurus compatibility



Much in a female Sagittarius Taurus is alien and incomprehensible. He does not appreciate nor its outlook, as he limited the scope of his interests only useful things to him, not her money, because he earns hard work and generous lucky he did not like, it is not the desire to travel, because he likes stability. But there is something that unites these signs. This is - a sense of humor. Both it rough, simple but not vulgar. They are not witty, but willingly laugh at a good joke. They like slapstick, circus, "Comedy Club" and children's jokes. Look over what you can laugh along with Taurus - and his interest in you provided.

Secondly, between the marks have a strong physical attraction. Taurus appeals to the exterior of Sagittarius woman and her sexual temperament. So never manipulate sex, do not discount it - it's one of the little that holds your union with Taurus.

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Sagittarius and Aries compatibility



Sagittarius woman does not need to do a lot of effort. These two are made for each other and the man immediately feel an interest in Strelchihe. To make it the best impression, use your zodiac such virtues as honesty, activity, a keen interest in what is happening around, the power of the senses. If you want to show male Aries, how much you have in common with him, it is best not to do this with words and discussions, and business. Aries and Sagittarius equal temperament, they both tend to notice first of all things, and then they motivated. Accompany hiking, stadium, walk the dog. Active holidays bring you closer stronger than any revelation of himself.

It is worth remembering that Aries easily and quickly extinguished lights. And if disappointment happened to return his interest is almost impossible. So try to keep it in good shape, for him to be interesting and desirable. When your character is easy. Independent Amazon Sagittarius Aries will always be desirable prey that never get to win completely.

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