Pisces and Pisces compatibility



Two Pisces get along well with each other. Together they will not be bored, similarity of characters will delight and not bother them. They were both quiet, compliant, sensitive and form strong pair. Fish in love primarily interested in emotions, and partners will give them to each other in abundance.

Pisces man is sensitive to the violation of his inner peace. He does not like to break into the world of his arrogant, active and energetic people. Pisces woman - the exact opposite of that described. She is calm and affable, sociable, but not pushy, fun, but does not seek to become the soul of the company. With it, the man-fish immediately find a common language.

Zodiac sign characteristics


What is interesting, most dating Pisces do not occur at the exhibition of art, nature or during dreamy walks through the city, that is, in places traditionally considered "fish", and in a very different situation: at work or in a fun company. Why? Fish - not "beech" or self-contained gloomy Silent, they love and appreciate the company, but their joy there is always something else. It's like a ripple on the water, when he hides calm body of water fixed depth. This duality of Pisces mood is particularly noticeable when they are having fun, working or studying something that is doing things for which we can not be externally suspended and absorbed in himself. Here is the second, deeper layer of their mood, the best notice other fish. It is they who will be seen especially by fellow zodiac signs, and, seeing it reflected, Pisces necessarily drawn to other fish.

Man and woman of this sign tend intuitively to each other to win the men Pisces woman does not need any special tricks. Its softness, flexibility, kindness and inner similarity of characters do everything yourself.

Two Pisces usually stick together. They are reluctant to go to any event alone. Among the friends they are fun, friendly and easy to talk to. The impression is that at the same time they have a common conversation goes telepathic dialogue with each other - as well they understand each other. Interestingly, the fish will never miss any company if they are not interested what is happening around, they have a number of the best in the world, understanding and loving companion.