Pisces and Aquarius compatibility



Interest male Aquarius begins with understanding. He appreciates the intellectual and interesting views and original thoughts. In addition, he respects those who can be a good friend. If a female Pisces set free their imagination, allow yourself to be unusual, not like the others, Aquarius necessarily notice it. He wants to get to know her and it is important to remain sincere, do not try to be "like everyone else." Sometimes it is difficult to open the soul, but only the identity of Pisces and the richness of its inner world will keep Aquarius nearby. Sincere and friendly communication style difference from others - first means for the conquest of Pisces Aquarius.

Aquarius man in life is selfish. In an effort to bring happiness to mankind, he rarely takes into account the interests of individuals who consider themselves special and wants to be accepted with all its shortcomings and bad mood. On such an absolute sacrifice can only fish. They never reproach Aquarius impractical, unpredictable, and that he spends time with his disregard "half" that the interests of friends for him to stand in the first place. Gentleness, self-sacrifice and willingness to care for a loved one - make Aquarius think about how to stay permanently with Pisces.

Zodiac sign characteristics


They are always a little away from society. This may be an eccentric inventor and philosopher and his sacrificial assistant, can be held successfully person (if the original brought brought income) and dreamy, allowing yourself to live in fantasy, his wife, but they never find of interest and pleasure in close communication with society. Them well together, Aquarius implements its plans to improve the world and receives from Pisces care in the home, and Pisces or find financial support in this union, or get the full moral satisfaction, sacrificing himself for the life of the great misunderstood genius (for fish is an important motif).

In everyday life, they rarely comfort, because both overlooked household stuff. Children, too, are a pair of rare, Fish live their interests Aquarius and all the care give him. If successful Aquarius and financial difficulties will not get any pair in fish appears unencumbered margin of pity and compassion, then it can become a mother and care for children pour out.