Pisces and Capricorn compatibility



A man of this sign is very purposeful and rational, he is interested in a career and professional success. He next need a woman who did not suit him to tantrums, did not interfere to achieve the objectives and do not compete with him for the lead. Plasticity of fish, their ability not to impose their point of view and to get along with people - the dignity, the ability of stakeholders Capricorn.

Some Capricorns will be lovely and dreamy Pisces spirituality, but other members of the sign would react to fish detachment from reality negatively, so it is best not to show it too obvious and not to bore Capricorn incomprehensible to him aimless talk.

Capricorn Pisces is poorly understood, but it is a poor understanding of women in general, and is looking for a classic woman - gentle, terse and not to interfere in the affairs of men. He will have little interest in her inner world, but appreciate the loyalty, flexibility and softness. These qualities in abundance in fish. Demonstrating them, she is sure to attract attention of Capricorn.

Zodiac sign characteristics


From the outside it - a classic of the genre: the strong man of few words and poetic vulnerable woman. They rarely mutual friends, so together you can find a couple except on formal occasions. Capricorn alien aimless fun if it came somewhere, knows exactly why. Fish also absorb impressions and do not think about some ultimate goal. It is interesting to observe this pair in nature. Do men usually have some sort of a hobby - it can be a mushroom picker, hunter or fisherman. A woman happily accompanies him, but she is indifferent to the listed activities. She was nice to just stay in silence and romantic setting. Camping is often the favorite holiday couples, because here their tastes in choosing a location and leisure are the same.

In everyday life, the couple does not happen because of Capricorn financial difficulties, in this family, children education, know how to behave and respect the elders. However, the home, and children sometimes do not have enough grooming: a typical Pisces woman gives much importance to the spiritual and small - material.

Both signs tend to be faithful, therefore treason, as well as violent jealousy, they are unfamiliar.