Pisces and Scorpio compatibility



Scorpio man will be captivated by a kind and generous woman-fish. He likes her reticence, the ability to have compassion, mercy and peace. If you want to win the Scorpion, just be yourself and show their natural features. Man, famous for his scathing remarks and tough character, will be conquered by a woman who is not trying to respond to the attacks to stab him and hurt him. Forgiveness, sacrifice and kindness will make Scorpio Pisces softer - because with Pisces he will feel completely safe, he will not have to wait for an attack, pain, change or commercialism.

In addition to these features, the Scorpion enchant that he is with Pisces on the same wavelength. These signs are able to understand each other without words. In men, the Scorpions have problems with the expression of his thoughts. They are very observant and capable of remarkably accurate conclusions, but often can not find the right words and convey observations to others. With a female Pisces can do without words, and so she understands everything.

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It gently attached to each other and confident in their future, people generally. They understand that they have found a kindred spirit, support and understanding in all situations, so behave much more relaxed and confident, than alone. Pisces and Scorpio are often involved in a joint business or work at one job. Scorpion does not perturb the impracticality of Pisces: that moral support, understanding all the nuances of and the ability to give a good psychological advice, which gives him fish, for it outweigh the business acumen.

Often in this pair comes material well-being. Both signs - not the biggest financial lucky, but together they behave prudently, perhaps even stingy, and middle age to protect themselves from financial problems.

In a couple of Scorpio and Pisces to gray hair retained an active sex life, they have for each other deep and strong feelings after years of living together. Children in the family, as a rule, smart, emotional development and are very attached to their parents