Pisces and Libra compatibility



This - the average union, which initially looks more promising than it turns out later. Long-term relationships are possible in the case in fish has its own account of marriage. Then it will be able to stick to that distance in the relationship that you want to Libra for comfort.

Libra man will be fascinated by the romantic Pisces. Because it avoids the rough prose of life, all heavy and ugly, and dreams Pisces air and deprived of vulgarity. Fish do not just understand what is happening in people's souls, but also manage to ignore them nothing repulsive and bad. What is a Fish - incorrigible idealist, a man Libra whole life looking for an ideal, not only in the relationship, but in all spheres of life.

Libras like and how subtly Pisces feel the music, nature and poetry. Libra indifferent to the beauty of art and the world, it will be nice to meet one that is able to understand their delight. However, through time scales will find that fish perceive the beauty of "too much" by the standards of Libra, deeply alien to them secular aesthetics of Libra. They are not "admire", and passed through his soul, and that Libra does not understand. But this will happen later, but first Scales will be happy to meet an exquisite nature.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Married Scales do not like scandals. They - the supporters of peaceful co-existence. Non-aggressive, compliant woman Pisces attract them as a possible life partner.

Surrounding a pleasure to deal with a couple of Pisces and Libra. This soft, friendly, non-conflict people. They are not rude and aggressive, try to be in harmony with all. A man in a pair of leader. It is more resistant to the beliefs and clings to his own. Fish compliant and easily influenced. Fish are often themselves suffer from what can not deny the requests and what he wants. Scales show them how to defend their interests, while remaining polite and pleasant.

Man in alliance with Pisces gets a caring and gentle companion, lack of scandals and unanimity in matters of leisure activities. Pisces woman will not require him to career ups, wealth and activity in social issues. She is content with the fact that he is willing to give her, and never nameknёt that someone did better than he did. In difficult times it will support it.

A woman finds a man-Libra soft, pleasant and compliant partner. He is cruel, if it bring, but the fish will not be able to reach the limit at which the balance will begin to show their stubbornness.