Pisces and Virgo compatibility



The axis of Virgo and Pisces - axis ministry. Virgo is the people business, benefits, takes on small and ungrateful daily work. Pisces people are feeling. They have in the asset is no longer anything, they came into this world to learn how to warm his love, having only the power of love. Therefore, the fate of Pisces often does not give any money or posts: Fish should be based only on feelings.

Virgo but not dry and emotionless pragmatist, he was a lifelong desire fluctuates between stable and peaceful life and a desire to help people. Therefore, in the Virgo male partners will choose either the woman who would help him to maintain stability, or the one that will be emotional. Next to this woman and the man himself, Virgo will not hide from feelings of material things and everyday responsibilities.

Zodiac sign characteristics


The more romantic Pisces, divorced from reality and dream, the more it will attract the Virgin. Create a fairy tale for the Virgin, let him into his imaginary world, and he would never want to part with you. Soul Fish will be for him a welcome place to relax after a long and filled with obligations of the day.

Virgo and Pisces - quiet, cautious and prudent men. They do not walk into the thick of things, rarely on noisy activities they have enough of their own world. Fish see for restraint and practicality of the Virgin of his caring nature, and Virgo respects the delicate nature of Pisces.

In an ideal pair Pisces find financial support, assistance in solving practical problems, reliability and care. Male Virgo will make sure that his favorite was impractical everything you need, because she pays it little attention. Fish, freed from domestic troubles, can give the world their feelings and, perhaps, the fruit of his work. Virgo becomes allied with Pisces is stronger, because there are a weak woman that must be protected. It flatters the Virgin, as he realizes that he is inferior in activity and leadership many men of the Fire and Air signs. In addition, a number of Virgo to Pisces no longer turn a blind eye to the world of the senses and is not afraid to open them in yourself.