Pisces and Leo compatibility



Leo - creative nature. He likes to surprise, delight and excite and female fish direct, sensitive and emotional, like a child. Leo will be pleased to pamper her. To do this he will need not only resourceful, but also money. Leo is generous, but not to his liking frankly materialistic people. Fish never seek benefits from a loved one and know how to accept gifts with gratitude. Therefore, Leo finds a woman Pisces-perfect mirror, which reflected his generosity, kindness and generosity.

Very important is the ability of Pisces behave decently, not to make public scenes and not get involved in scandals. Leo demands that his companion had a good reputation. Dreamer Pisces is far from provocative behavior. This is also a plus in the eyes of her Lion.

Spiritual development of Leo, in which brightly burning fire of creation, will undoubtedly attract imaginative Pisces. Together they form a wonderful creative union. Part of a pair of Pisces - the composer or poet, and Leo - a singer or reciter.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Any pair of Pisces and Leo is ideal at the beginning of the relationship. At this time the fish get from the alliance with the Lion defense, fire and feelings of romance. Leo is doing everything to make a fairy tale come true, and bring imagination of Pisces. Leo - Gray is buying scarlet silk for the sails of his ship and embody the dream of romantic woman Pisces. Leo himself in this period rests the soul. After all, in fact the Lions in the shower - children love to play and arrange surprises.

But time passes. In a couple there are difficulties. If Pisces and Leo adequately cope with them, then there is a perfect match of a completely different type. In this pair Leo shines. The house is all done for him, and strongly emphasizes its importance. A Fish tactfully sent Leo, because he himself carried away by their importance, can not ignore the problems of those who are near. Therefore, fish take care of psychological comfort in a pair, not only giving Leo and supporting him, but manifestations of neutralizing negative features of his character.

For all its merits and demerits Leo has. And who does not? The problem is not in the very shortcomings, and that it is these shortcomings lion hard to bear Pisces. Leo selfish and narcissistic. He is more concerned about their business problems and interests than the affairs of a loved one. He can not give in and compromise, is inclined to dictatorial behavior.