Pisces and Gemini compatibility



Direct and funny Twins live an active life mobile, they are curious and restless. It would seem that they need the same woman - active, versatile and extrovert. Indeed, many Gemini choose exactly such a life partner. But enough, most of these men marry women water signs - Cancer and Pisces (except Scorpions). Why? They like that care that surround them fish. They are happy to come back from his travels in a cozy house, to a dreamy calm his wife, play with children, rest - and again hit the road. What is this type of Gemini? This man makes a career. Business success Gemini given easily, they do not reach the top only when they are not interested. But if Gemini sights on business success, they get a lot. And so the Twins just need a comfortable rear in the form of marriage with Pisces. Therefore, the main weapon of seduction in Pisces Gemini - reticence, caring, non-interference in the affairs of men, tenderness and femininity.

In public, they may look different. It depends on what role decided to fulfill this time man. He -rytsar without departing from his lady and her entertaining talk, he - "young soul and body" student rushing off to friends and left the woman sitting alone in a bad mood, it is - hard head of the family. Pisces woman is able to adapt to changes in mood Twins, but soon realizes he is not deceived and price nor his solicitude or imperiousness.

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Happy union of Gemini and Pisces is only in marriage and very rare - in a long novel. Gemini and Pisces, like any couple, happy with their love in the beginning of a relationship, but then their contradictions interfere too obviously. But the marriage of the couple - a kind of contract. The main points in it Twins get cozy house, faithful wife and a lack of scandals and Pisces - the material of security and "status" of her husband. Until both sides fulfill their obligations, they are happy. They do not necessarily stipulate these conditions explicitly. Fish can be genuinely happy, creating comfort for his men, and the Twins - as sincerely grateful for the care and caring response.

Pisces is the most difficult to accept the fact that Gemini - not the hero of her novel. He can hit her imagination in the early dating. After all, he does not look like it! She often reproached herself in weakness and timidity that people other warehouse cause her admiration. A male twins in addition are able to speak beautifully and often very good-looking. But if in the novels about love and fantasies of the female Pisces so bright, talented, witty man meets his love, and then remains pinned to her skirt, the Twins in life and do not forget to think hobbies, friends, and their plans (which do not include a woman ). This will make the Pisces suffer. She can blame the Twins inattention, show a bad mood, crying and sulking. This behavior will be the end of their relationship.

The second problem - the fact that the twins could become bored with Pisces. And although his wife, waiting for the fish he not intelligent conversations, and an established way of life, it is inconceivable that he considered Pisces greyish uninteresting person.