Рisces and Тaurus compatibility



Taurus loves quiet and measured life. He does not mind emotions, and he is often sentimental, but avoids the tumultuous feelings, hysteria, mental imbalance. Dreamy and non-aggressive, not prone to tantrums female fish can become his faithful companion. Taurus man likes to work, but does not expect that his favorite vpryazhёtsya the plow with him. On the contrary, he will be glad that there are a number of someone who will appreciate his work and whom he can take care of. In return, Pisces never challenged its decisions do not encroach on the leadership of the family, give affection and love, and generally behave as ideal wife for patriarchal men. And any Taurus soul sees itself as the father of a large family, this patriarch, reliable, wise and firm. Therefore, the main weapons to help conquer the Taurus - Pisces traits such as softness, pliability, tenderness.

Important and physical attractiveness. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so it is sensitive to female beauty. Pisces woman has mystery and style, and this makes it very attractive.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Taurus men are jealous, and women - Pisces. After all, women see as Pisces is on the hands of her male Taurus, as he does for her any heavy or unpleasant work, how to gray hair exalts the tenderness and innocence of his beloved. And men jealous that Taurus has so soft, not scandalous, able to forgive the woman. Friends, getting rid of the worm of envy, like to communicate with a pair of Taurus and Pisces are calm and friendly.

If using Synastry Astrology insight into their world for two, you will notice that both feel completely happy. This is due to a complete spiritual comfort in a pair, and psychological and sexual harmony Taurus and Pisces. In addition, in these pairs Taureans are often professionally successful, by the middle of life, and even before they attain financial well-being and ideal home. Pisces woman-not affect the everyday storms, she lives internal interests of the family, although problems are solved Taurus (more than once I have met mothers of fish that love their children dearly, but had no idea what school they learn - hiking parent meetings took over fathers Taurus).