Pisces and Аries compatibility



The woman-Fish has many features that will attract Aries. Firstly, she knows how to listen. When she communicates with Aries, do not interrupt, do not criticize, it is soft and tender, allows Aries to talk and feel the center of attention. This situation knight to fight with a dragon. You can arrange a feast with friends, colleagues and like a man boast of "catch", showing widely divorced his hands, which was chump in this brute, but the most coveted share of admiration Knight gets when the story of his exploits Beautiful Lady.

 She shyly and looks amazed with his huge eyes, silent gasps and shudders in the most dramatic episodes, takes for granted the most incredible details and Aries feels real winner. Ability to remain silent, do not pull in the conversation blanket over himself, to do justice to a stranger merits and virtues - the first weapon to conquer Pisces Aries.

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Secondly, you need to remember that Aries does not like competition. Reverie Pisces, their lack of "teeth and claws" defenselessness attract Aries - he realizes that he has found a woman, in comparison with which will be stronger in the tired and relaxed. He does not want war at home, he wants to relax. A strong and active the Lady - a man in union with which to constantly prove the right to lead and not to relax. With Pisces Aries can rest easy.

The lack of interest in the affairs of men, softness, delicacy made Pisces Aries in the eyes of this woman and a true lady. And it is this man, drawn to a real woman.

Therefore, having met Pisces, Aries quickly realizes that he has found his "soul mate."

Looks like the perfect couple: Pisces woman - Aries man?

Surrounding admire this couple. Aries in her declining years and remains strong, self-confident, do not lose their masculine essence. And his companion Pisces looks delicate and constantly fascinated by her man. Her many envy, because most women life tempered in battle and forced to forget about the helplessness and poetry. Female Pisces paired with Aries gets protection and reliable support.

She has her eyes shine with happiness, because there are a person who can love, admire and whose back you can escape from the storms of life. A man in the face of Pisces gets a "reference group", which will always approve any of his actions. In addition, Aries genetically remember that the task of men - to protect the weak. In today's world the deficit really, genuinely weak and in need of the protection of women. Near the Pisces Aries feels implemented.

Very interesting changes are taking place with the appearance of Aries and Pisces. Please note - even if individually they are not handsome, then next to each other in front of blossom and become very attractive.

If we talk about a couple of the same level, Aries from time to time will hurt Pisces directness and lack of tact, and Pisces may displease Aries unavailability of its position in those moments when he expects from them a direct answer, or a quick decision.