Pisces and Pisces compatibility



Two Pisces get along well with each other. Together they will not be bored, similarity of characters will delight and not bother them. They were both quiet, compliant, sensitive and form strong pair. Fish in love primarily interested in emotions, and partners will give them to each other in abundance.

Pisces man is sensitive to the violation of his inner peace. He does not like to break into the world of his arrogant, active and energetic people. Pisces woman - the exact opposite of that described. She is calm and affable, sociable, but not pushy, fun, but does not seek to become the soul of the company. With it, the man-fish immediately find a common language.

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Pisces and Aquarius compatibility



Interest male Aquarius begins with understanding. He appreciates the intellectual and interesting views and original thoughts. In addition, he respects those who can be a good friend. If a female Pisces set free their imagination, allow yourself to be unusual, not like the others, Aquarius necessarily notice it. He wants to get to know her and it is important to remain sincere, do not try to be "like everyone else." Sometimes it is difficult to open the soul, but only the identity of Pisces and the richness of its inner world will keep Aquarius nearby. Sincere and friendly communication style difference from others - first means for the conquest of Pisces Aquarius.

Aquarius man in life is selfish. In an effort to bring happiness to mankind, he rarely takes into account the interests of individuals who consider themselves special and wants to be accepted with all its shortcomings and bad mood. On such an absolute sacrifice can only fish. They never reproach Aquarius impractical, unpredictable, and that he spends time with his disregard "half" that the interests of friends for him to stand in the first place. Gentleness, self-sacrifice and willingness to care for a loved one - make Aquarius think about how to stay permanently with Pisces.

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Pisces and Capricorn compatibility



A man of this sign is very purposeful and rational, he is interested in a career and professional success. He next need a woman who did not suit him to tantrums, did not interfere to achieve the objectives and do not compete with him for the lead. Plasticity of fish, their ability not to impose their point of view and to get along with people - the dignity, the ability of stakeholders Capricorn.

Some Capricorns will be lovely and dreamy Pisces spirituality, but other members of the sign would react to fish detachment from reality negatively, so it is best not to show it too obvious and not to bore Capricorn incomprehensible to him aimless talk.

Capricorn Pisces is poorly understood, but it is a poor understanding of women in general, and is looking for a classic woman - gentle, terse and not to interfere in the affairs of men. He will have little interest in her inner world, but appreciate the loyalty, flexibility and softness. These qualities in abundance in fish. Demonstrating them, she is sure to attract attention of Capricorn.

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Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility



Sagittarius is greedy for everything new. He was happy to expand their horizons and loves to talk not only about everyday things, but also to all kinds of philosophical, mystical and religious themes. Fish - a storehouse of such information, and in addition they serve it is not detached, as, say, Air signs, and passed through his heart and stained with their own experiences. Therefore, a woman interested in Pisces Sagittarius as consummate companion, capable to reveal to him the depth of wisdom.

But do not forget about the flesh. Sagittarius partial to female beauty. Therefore, no matter how he was fascinated by the knowledge and the inner world of Pisces, he is sure to pay attention to her appearance. Fortunately, Pisces are the type of women who like Sagittarius. If the fish are not given up on her hand, if they are well maintained and neat, the other efforts they do not need: their shape, facial features and mannerisms instantly attract Sagittarius.

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Pisces and Scorpio compatibility



Scorpio man will be captivated by a kind and generous woman-fish. He likes her reticence, the ability to have compassion, mercy and peace. If you want to win the Scorpion, just be yourself and show their natural features. Man, famous for his scathing remarks and tough character, will be conquered by a woman who is not trying to respond to the attacks to stab him and hurt him. Forgiveness, sacrifice and kindness will make Scorpio Pisces softer - because with Pisces he will feel completely safe, he will not have to wait for an attack, pain, change or commercialism.

In addition to these features, the Scorpion enchant that he is with Pisces on the same wavelength. These signs are able to understand each other without words. In men, the Scorpions have problems with the expression of his thoughts. They are very observant and capable of remarkably accurate conclusions, but often can not find the right words and convey observations to others. With a female Pisces can do without words, and so she understands everything.

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Pisces and Libra compatibility



This - the average union, which initially looks more promising than it turns out later. Long-term relationships are possible in the case in fish has its own account of marriage. Then it will be able to stick to that distance in the relationship that you want to Libra for comfort.

Libra man will be fascinated by the romantic Pisces. Because it avoids the rough prose of life, all heavy and ugly, and dreams Pisces air and deprived of vulgarity. Fish do not just understand what is happening in people's souls, but also manage to ignore them nothing repulsive and bad. What is a Fish - incorrigible idealist, a man Libra whole life looking for an ideal, not only in the relationship, but in all spheres of life.

Libras like and how subtly Pisces feel the music, nature and poetry. Libra indifferent to the beauty of art and the world, it will be nice to meet one that is able to understand their delight. However, through time scales will find that fish perceive the beauty of "too much" by the standards of Libra, deeply alien to them secular aesthetics of Libra. They are not "admire", and passed through his soul, and that Libra does not understand. But this will happen later, but first Scales will be happy to meet an exquisite nature.

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Pisces and Virgo compatibility



The axis of Virgo and Pisces - axis ministry. Virgo is the people business, benefits, takes on small and ungrateful daily work. Pisces people are feeling. They have in the asset is no longer anything, they came into this world to learn how to warm his love, having only the power of love. Therefore, the fate of Pisces often does not give any money or posts: Fish should be based only on feelings.

Virgo but not dry and emotionless pragmatist, he was a lifelong desire fluctuates between stable and peaceful life and a desire to help people. Therefore, in the Virgo male partners will choose either the woman who would help him to maintain stability, or the one that will be emotional. Next to this woman and the man himself, Virgo will not hide from feelings of material things and everyday responsibilities.

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Pisces and Leo compatibility



Leo - creative nature. He likes to surprise, delight and excite and female fish direct, sensitive and emotional, like a child. Leo will be pleased to pamper her. To do this he will need not only resourceful, but also money. Leo is generous, but not to his liking frankly materialistic people. Fish never seek benefits from a loved one and know how to accept gifts with gratitude. Therefore, Leo finds a woman Pisces-perfect mirror, which reflected his generosity, kindness and generosity.

Very important is the ability of Pisces behave decently, not to make public scenes and not get involved in scandals. Leo demands that his companion had a good reputation. Dreamer Pisces is far from provocative behavior. This is also a plus in the eyes of her Lion.

Spiritual development of Leo, in which brightly burning fire of creation, will undoubtedly attract imaginative Pisces. Together they form a wonderful creative union. Part of a pair of Pisces - the composer or poet, and Leo - a singer or reciter.

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Pisces and Cancer compatibility



Make a special effort to conquer cancer is not necessary. Pisces and Cancer are made for each other and pull to Pisces man from the first minute. He intuitively and energy level feels that this woman perfectly suits him. She will win his affection, romantic, sensitive and flexible. They will be a lot of talk.

Closed to outsiders, lung cancer will be revealed in dialogue with Pisces, will share their experiences and grievances, and Pisces will be able to patiently and compassionately listen to him and to comfort. After more fish head in the clouds, they are difficult to injure, often rude and sarcastic toward them they simply did not hurt. Therefore, they have a lighter nature, they are easier to tolerate insults, and be able to share inner peace with cancer. He will be noticed that after talking with Pisces sees the world a little kinder and less afraid of hostility.

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Pisces and Gemini compatibility



Direct and funny Twins live an active life mobile, they are curious and restless. It would seem that they need the same woman - active, versatile and extrovert. Indeed, many Gemini choose exactly such a life partner. But enough, most of these men marry women water signs - Cancer and Pisces (except Scorpions). Why? They like that care that surround them fish. They are happy to come back from his travels in a cozy house, to a dreamy calm his wife, play with children, rest - and again hit the road. What is this type of Gemini? This man makes a career. Business success Gemini given easily, they do not reach the top only when they are not interested. But if Gemini sights on business success, they get a lot. And so the Twins just need a comfortable rear in the form of marriage with Pisces. Therefore, the main weapon of seduction in Pisces Gemini - reticence, caring, non-interference in the affairs of men, tenderness and femininity.

In public, they may look different. It depends on what role decided to fulfill this time man. He -rytsar without departing from his lady and her entertaining talk, he - "young soul and body" student rushing off to friends and left the woman sitting alone in a bad mood, it is - hard head of the family. Pisces woman is able to adapt to changes in mood Twins, but soon realizes he is not deceived and price nor his solicitude or imperiousness.

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Рisces and Тaurus compatibility



Taurus loves quiet and measured life. He does not mind emotions, and he is often sentimental, but avoids the tumultuous feelings, hysteria, mental imbalance. Dreamy and non-aggressive, not prone to tantrums female fish can become his faithful companion. Taurus man likes to work, but does not expect that his favorite vpryazhёtsya the plow with him. On the contrary, he will be glad that there are a number of someone who will appreciate his work and whom he can take care of. In return, Pisces never challenged its decisions do not encroach on the leadership of the family, give affection and love, and generally behave as ideal wife for patriarchal men. And any Taurus soul sees itself as the father of a large family, this patriarch, reliable, wise and firm. Therefore, the main weapons to help conquer the Taurus - Pisces traits such as softness, pliability, tenderness.

Important and physical attractiveness. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so it is sensitive to female beauty. Pisces woman has mystery and style, and this makes it very attractive.

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Pisces and Аries compatibility



The woman-Fish has many features that will attract Aries. Firstly, she knows how to listen. When she communicates with Aries, do not interrupt, do not criticize, it is soft and tender, allows Aries to talk and feel the center of attention. This situation knight to fight with a dragon. You can arrange a feast with friends, colleagues and like a man boast of "catch", showing widely divorced his hands, which was chump in this brute, but the most coveted share of admiration Knight gets when the story of his exploits Beautiful Lady.

 She shyly and looks amazed with his huge eyes, silent gasps and shudders in the most dramatic episodes, takes for granted the most incredible details and Aries feels real winner. Ability to remain silent, do not pull in the conversation blanket over himself, to do justice to a stranger merits and virtues - the first weapon to conquer Pisces Aries.

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