Birthday   October  29  horoscope



Fate: born on this day are aggressive and ambitious. Quarrelsome in their blood relations are difficult, difficult to fit in with them. His suspicion and unfounded suspicion they hurt others wounded, away from him. They should change, cultivate patience and kindness within yourself. They are talented and can manifest itself in painting or music. Family relationships are permeated difficulties, but in the material sense at all of them safely.

Mystery birthday: The novelty blows from all ideas and thoughts born Oct. 29, which they put into practice. For them naturally find a solution quickly and is non-trivial. In whatever field they did not work, they clearly follow the system, especially if they are its creators. Their plans are distinguished by forethought and balanced, and if necessary revised quickly. This willingness to possible changes and rapid restructuring under new circumstances, together with representative features are the formula for success for those born on October 29.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Both sexes born Oct. 29, serious about politics, it does not matter whether it is a matter of social group, family or nation. So is their interaction with the government, consciously or unconsciously, and analyze the effectiveness of its institutions. Born October 29th inherent charm, so they are very convincing. They incorporated a feature to monitor loved ones who are associated with them in a sensitive level. Therefore, they need to exercise caution with this influence, there is a danger tempted completely control the lives of others.

For those born on October 29 is not a new truth that sex, money and power - a great tool to manage the situation. Intuition tells them the correct behavior at the first meetings, in order to produce a stunning first impression, and then use it for their own benefit. They should not be hard and selfish, they will bring greater success traits such as politichnost, diplomacy, tact. For them, there is a danger of becoming a victim of humiliation and unjustified ambitions.

As a first-rate and with exceptional abilities, born October 29 perform the job successfully, if not covered by self-important and not see themselves as perfect authority. Arrogance breeds others hostility and anger, like a slave, and equal to them. Those born on this day can hide behind the walls of logic, in which case they are threatened detachment from others, the internal hardness and invulnerability. Winning behavior born October 29 is in a more open attitude to the environment in line with the goodwill and taking into account their interests and positions. If the tendency to always be in the shade prevails, they should be prepared for the fact that they are properly understood, misinterpreting the motives of their behavior and to question the honesty and the sincerity of their intentions.

Born October 29 alert to friends and family. Family responsibilities for their pleasure. However, they tend to isolate their own family from the outside world, should be wary of this. Some representatives of the sign torn between ambivalent feelings: love and care with respect to the closest one hand, and on the other - equally strong impulses for everyone else.

Health: to health care and the news in this area are born on October 29 with a special interest. They should beware of dubious treatments that can take a lot of money, time, force, and as a result would not be good either for them or for the family. Born October 29 allowed to experiment with food, they are allowed to use the abundance of exotic dishes. It recommended moderate exercise in a predominantly Non-competitive sports, if, of course, they are not athletes.

Tip: Try to give up some things in your desires, it may become easier to live. Share with others feelings, emotions, and you will feel happy. Listen for the words of others and did not disappoint others. Be open. Hide and will run to you - the loss of precious time.

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