Birthday   October  26  horoscope



Fate: born on this day - strong-willed, determined and decisive personality. Fate has given their talents and skills to use them. They can show them in medicine and biology. In the family they - idyll in the material sphere - prosperity, good fortune and prosperity.

Mystery birthday: One talent born October 26 - organizational. They easily reformed, reorganize and manage all structures, whether sports club, religious confession, team, company or political party. Occupying a leadership position or as the principal consultant, born October 26 turn the whole process into a smoothly functioning mechanism. Leaders - alone, they are also a great team player. They usually leave their contributions to any public matter, the interests of the team to them is always paramount.

Born October 26 seeking not only for personal success, but the success of the whole team, to their desires were not infringed and public is not affected. Born October 26 possess knowledge of power and its influence within society. They are also easily controlled with financial affairs, seeking to prosperity, in particular, having a symbiotic relationship with the organization. If they occupy the chair of the executive directors, their long-term strategy, cautious and focused on preservation and augmentation.

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Spontaneity affaires - not for them, are rare cases when at stake the future of their project. Born on October 26 to take risks only in extreme cases when firmly believe in the success of a dangerous enterprise. This is a strong personality, they may have the image of fearless people. They usually restrained and controlled by their emotions to themselves, but sometimes they are and negligence.

Some representatives saw the sign in the most accurate self-control stance, thereby turning into apathetic and callous, unfeeling people. But in reality, for their benefit, it is desirable that it was the other way around, because invulnerability - evidence of obstacles, so it must be eradicated. From the experience of birth 26 October must realize that respect can not be imposed, it is impossible to respect the order, it must win their actions. Less enlightened mistaken fear of others, caused their behavior, for self-respect.

Born October 26 can successfully act as leaders and artists. From the high post, they are easy to reforming and transforming all around, despite the dissatisfaction or misunderstanding in relation to others in their feverish activity. But later changes are good, and the surrounding come to understand that all actions born October 26 were justified and reasonable, and the methods used will lead to success. It is a pity that it is much more difficult to demonstrate the benefits in human relations. Children born on October 26, always know what is expected of them parents, they are accustomed to following instructions and the instructions of parents, to the strict guidelines on their part. Responsibility is considered born October 26 important vital topic, and almost always they firmly follow its principles. Thus born October 26 to avoid excessive power that can tempt the immensity of its opportunity.

Health: Diseases of the stomach and overeating can poison the life of birth 26 October, so they should monitor their diet. They may fall into the extreme of treating the food with the utmost rigor. Born October 26 should be to diversify the food and be moderate, be sure to use fresh vegetables (preferably raw) and cereals, do not neglect the fiber sources in order to avoid trouble with the stomach and to get rid of toxins. They recommended to drink plenty - or half a liter of water a day, and should get rid of the habit of drinking coffee. Throw out the energy costs in the gym, in team games, martial arts, or by the usual physical education in the form of active employment.

Tip: The balance between the frivolous attitude and full of asceticism is, look it up. Do not expect from myself and others more than it actually is. Perhaps what is practicable, not more than. Create an image of yourself and pursue it. Whatever happens, always have it in my mind, not to retreat towards him.

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