Birthday   October  24  horoscope



Fate: outstanding personalities give us this day. They originally surrounded favorable conditions to become successful and happy. They are in good health and vitality hit the keys. They can be good actors, writers, musicians. In life, they will be surrounded by powerful patrons that will ensure success and high standing, luxury and comfort.

Mystery birthday: major life themes born October 24 - a dramatic revelation and an unhealthy attitude to the details. Being analytical personalities, they hasten to tell the world about their own discoveries in a very pompous and pretentious manner. However, this was not hidden desire to become famous or to shock, is important to them is not so much the external side of the case, as the very essence. For example, engaged in painting, they will never exhibit his paintings to meet their ambitious demands, on the contrary, they reach proficiency in this business and become excellent artists, at least, there will be technical performance at altitude.

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They have the ability to manage their impact, affecting the others. Not at the last place in their qualities and personal magnetism, that interests and involves others in what pleases born October 24. They can occupy leading positions in society and in the family. Most of them have a persistent character that does not remain silent when there is something to say, however, and without a word they are perfectly able to express their attitudes and feelings. In the end, what they are doing, says more succinctly and more meaningful than words and self-promotion, they do not need it either for affirmation or for gaining credibility.

They can be called perfectionists, seeking to improve and perfect all around, so it is inherent in detail to ponder the upcoming activities and events. Such parents - sensitive and attentive to their children, they are not third-party witnesses of their life, and active participants. Beloved, they make too timid and careful. As for the dual pair accommodating drama and sensitivity, for them it is an integral part of life. This is due to the fact that the ability to express their strong opinions based on the study of life, the analysis of past events and personal experiences. Rare cases when born October 24 begin to discuss or comment on ideas about what they do not have. Therefore, within the persistent rejection of lies, deceit, and they are easy to expose pretenders, featuring dubious information from the truth.

Unfortunately, born October 24 difficult to get along with people, with their hard coexist for a long time. And those who will of fate has become a partner or friend of such people, should understand that work for them - the primary need, and this should not be equated with indifference towards themselves. They are given to work fully and without reserve. However, if much passion born October 24 just lose your head and are even willing to pass on to other shoulders its official business, do not understand the competence and professionalism. This often leads to disastrous consequences for those born on October 24.

They should be softer and more delicate in relations with loved ones without taking a dominant position, as their desire to dominate can lead to open conflict, hostility and anger from others. Soothe your jealousy and obsession with his private life is also necessary that the relationship is not interrupted and developed. They need to understand the important but simple thing - the little things and a critical attitude towards them could severely damage relations with other people who are under the pressure of such a critical attention to detail, so it is easier to treat things and treat stressful situations carefree fun.

Health: Addictions born October 24 to get into difficulties and create stressful situations can lead to the decline of their health and their loved ones. To avoid this, you need to devote more time to rest - schedule regular holidays and distinguish between home and work, leaving the working moments beyond the threshold of home. For physical health they need to abandon the excess in sexual relations for emotional - to suppress jealousy and obsession. Those born on this day will need comfortable bedroom, where they were relaxed and at ease. Born October 24 can not be limited in the diet, of course, in moderation, and should not forget about physical activity, so that the body was in good shape, back and internal organs in order, and the figure - in the form.

Tip: Take and perceive the surrounding reality for what it is. Monitor all around - is not your purpose in life, you do not need. Remember that jealousy - it is a choice, not a given, if you choose this way of life, it would be difficult to fix. Sometimes you become weak, revealing to others what you are doing.

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