Birthday   October  23  horoscope



Fate: The determination, will and strong character distinguishes birth 23 October. Their hard work allows them to be successful in any field. In any case, for which they are taken, they become professionals. Vicissitudes of life will always accompany their way, however, born October 23 endowed with sufficient strength to withstand and overcome them. Their purposeful desire will be enough to make the dream a reality. And if they ask to be rich in order to live in luxury and well-being, filled with life comfortably, they will achieve this.

Mystery birthday: Stability for those born on October 23 - the necessary, but rarely achievable property of their lives. They rarely achieve it, no matter what sphere it may concern. The desire to balance their energy does not lead to the desired balance, it is still something remains unaffected. And not only the instability accompanies them contradictory - should also be on their heels. They are often bored and sated monotony, they go in search of entertainment. Therefore, they can be interesting and attractive that the other is the cause of a headache or something difficult, irresistible.

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Born October 23, most of them do not know how to plan their actions and deal with them as they become available. Improvisation they manage to glory, they have a talent. In addition, they are quick-tempered and emotional and not miss a chance to show their expressiveness. Openness - another feature of, they will not conceal a negative attitude to anything or anyone, and openly express its position. For them is not acceptable uncertainty, born October 23 do not like evasive, vague eloquence, so they are cutting remarks that offend others. From the point of view of those who are accustomed to a loyal and exquisite treatment, it may seem that birth 23 October, or rude, or too simple. It depends on the external environment, circle of friends and cultural environment in which the live birth 23 October.

They have excellent organizational skills, using which they can surround himself with a group of people, attract them to new groups or stand at the head of the existing groups. They can not deny the charm, and their sense of humor is battling the spot, so they can gain popularity in their environment. However painful it will be the moment when you have to leave the leadership and recede into the background.

Personal relations have born October 23 filled with jealousy, obsession and demanding. They should learn to react calmly to the fact that any time the leader eventually exhausted, and the time comes to leave. Better that they are looking for a lot of love is much more valuable and important than any power and popularity. Those born on this day - the adventurers and difficulties, so they are accustomed to be in the thick of things. However, the most peaceful of birth 23 October should beware of the dangers that are everywhere.

Born October 23 - Activists of life for their passivity equivalent to non-existence, so they open up huge opportunities for growth, improvement, development, their life can be diversified and multifaceted. Personal and spiritual relationships can be brought to the ideal, their success in these areas is guaranteed. If something fails, born on this day are the sources of energy in something else, for example, receive an energy charge from a variety of exciting situations. The cornerstones for those born on this day are balanced, finding harmony within ourselves, faithful to its intended path.

Health: Accidents must be wary, particularly of birth 23 October. And they need to control the mood, not splashing out on its other negative. But it is not necessary to suppress aggression, it can affect the heart and internal organs. It is necessary to find a middle ground in this, because the suppression of acts of aggression way to fight diseases. For those born on this day, it is desirable for the peaceful pastime horticulture (even though it will be on the balcony), with the culinary tricks. Especially useful to spend time in communion with nature. They recommended exercise, dance, music.

Tip: Do not stop to look for peace, harmony and stability. Do not be too demanding, dominating and controlling all the processes around. Your intervention is not always appropriate, and without your help, everything can be arranged safely. Delves into the views from the outside, whether it be friends, rivals, enemies. Always have something to learn from them. Avoid the notorious losses.

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