Birthday   October  22  horoscope



Fate: It is the birthday of the peace-loving cool people who love peace and privacy. Often manifest themselves in philosophy, healing, religion, may engage in occult practices and mysticism. Tempering his character as a young man, passing through many obstacles, they can achieve happiness and well-being and live a long life in comfort and comfort. But the main danger that can lie in wait for them - the inability and unwillingness to save money, to postpone their reserve.

Mystery birthday: The common thread through all life born October 22 are threads of magnetism, attraction, seduction and seduction. Typically, they seduce, but also they can lose his head from the mad passion. When a romantic relationship is a person born on October 22 of any imminent crisis, especially in a love triangle.

We were born on this day the people a strong sense of jealousy, reaching sometimes ugly forms. Often they violate existing relationships, others are bred themselves divorced. They are not difficult to control the feelings of others, which they do very skillfully. It can be argued that in such a relationship, they are extremely dangerous, and often their appearance does not involve such a truly diabolical depths, and only relatives can know about it.

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Thus born October 22 do not express their emotions, they excite the emotions of others. They can change the emotional background in any room and in any company, just one fact of their presence. Therefore it is better to protect them from shocks, not only for others but for themselves, as they are also affected by their abilities.

Although born October 22 are able to hurt others more than himself. In their arsenal not only aggressive or defensive-agent hitters, sometimes they can be prudent, discreet, attentive. That will hurt your opponent when their relationship will be interrupted, they themselves are not only suffering, but also feel that their conscience is clean. At an early age, most of those born on October 22 have rebellious. But then they find themselves in a comfortable niche of conservative society and beautifully themselves there feel themselves and may not know how they found themselves there.

Companion of my life, born October 22, will seek, and find, most likely in a society balanced people who are able to resist their temptations. Here, the law works - the more they ignore or evade relationship with them, the stronger they become attached to such people. Inevitably they knelt in front of them, and tend to emotionally submit from time to time. It appeared in the marriage for children, may be brought all sorts of unreasonable demands of ideal behavior, obedience and impeccable manners, which, of course, causes additional stress in the family. However, children still belong to such a parent with enthusiasm and get reciprocal love. Born on October 22 to be learned from his life is one lesson - to learn not to play into temptation and realize that happiness boundless and selfless love.

Health: The main excitement in people born October 22 - it is their appearance. Therefore, in order not to gain weight, have a healthy skin diet should be followed, making fasting days. Particularly vulnerable are the internal organs, the immune system, frequent infections, which must be treated immediately, preventing their passage into the chronic disease. As a rule, people born on October 22, increased metabolism, obesity and they are not threatened. But give the load on the muscles you need to not to waste natural good physique. Loving alcohol and good food, it is necessary to monitor their intake of and do not forget about the dangers to the liver, stomach and kidneys.

Tip: With a force of influence on others, do not overdo it. Be kind and treat people with attention, show them the true feelings. No need to constantly monitor the situation.

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