Birthday   October  21  horoscope



Fate: People born on this day - strong-willed, ambitious and hardworking, purposefully reaching to their specific heights. If they are properly using their remarkable abilities and a variety of talents, they can succeed in their chosen field of activity and to implement their plans and ideas. In financial matters, they are doomed to success and stability and family life - a successful marriage based on mutual love and happy.

Mystery birthday: In terms of originality and diversity of views, people born on October 21 too much different from the other people surrounding them. On the one hand, they can be quite charming and attract everyone's attention, but on the other hand very often look despots, especially in personal matters. They are actually quite complex, to which is added to them explicitly critical approach to the environment and to life in general.

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Despite the fact that the birth of 21 October appreciate the harmony and try to correct their loved ones, they can be annoying little things and the mistakes and failures of the environment simply remove them from themselves. In the first place born October 21 is the mind, but also the emotional impulses they are not uncommon, and it can lead them to disaster. It seems that extraordinary intelligence and quick-tempered love of life do not correlate with each other, and people born on October 21, while in one of these states, are not aware of the existence of the other. This leads to various inconsistencies in their life and, of course, makes it difficult to communicate with them.

One of the main problems for people born on October 21, is to break the negative character traits, received as a child from the parents. They may refuse, and in public, on what they believed all my life and will bring them relief. But in his personal life, they can not abandon even damaged relations for many years able to weigh the pros and cons of their intimate relationships. The strength of the people born on October 21 is the ability to reason and to speak on various topics. They may like to say long speeches and this they are good at. In professional life they are able to deal with different challenges and make the final chord in the work of a large team. This leads to the astonishment of others and remember for years to come, although they were born in this day do not attach importance to such miracles.

People born on October 21, has a good ability to entertain people, and they themselves are often love to laugh and have fun, but as a rule, are serious and even tragic figure. As parents, born on October 21 do not have a clear and precise understanding of the proper education of children, but it is inherent in the preservation of traditions. While conservatives call them can not. In the family, they tend to favor leaders and authoritarian. This leads them to emotional deprivation, but they also need emotional support. Without such support, the various disappointments can lead them to full depression. Therefore, born on this day, we must learn to ask for help and accept it from their loved ones, rather than waiting until the sad moment. Remaining conscious personality, they may experience difficulty and keep a direction in his life, which often make a strong impression on the unsophisticated audience. But to soothe your mind and purify the inner space it is very difficult. They, of course, involve various air illusion, they like to build castles in the sand, but actually they are in need of stability and harmonious family.

Health: Bad habits in the field of mental and physical extremely detrimental to people born on October 21. Being very mental person, his fatigue from stress, headaches, anxiety, they are used to remove or analgesics using drugs, which, of course, does not lead to anything good. Even with insomnia do not need special drugs. You can consult a psychotherapist, but starring loves the constant companion of life. In addition, the diet will help with a great deal of fresh fruits and vegetables. For some certain diseases in humans, born October 21, no predisposition. But there are a variety of injuries and accidents.

Tip: Give your soul into harmony. Instead of always stepping forward, step back a little, let rest for yourselves and others. Do not criticize so often settle, and remember that there is nothing stronger than love. Do not hide their abilities, generously giving them worldwide.

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