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Fate: October 19 - the birthday of independent people who have the courage to always have an opinion, hardworking and savvy. It is because they retain a balance between caution and boldness, their cases invariably accompanies success, there is luck in the monetary sphere and harmonious family relations are different. Money will make using your intellect or implementing their own plans without performing ordinary routine work. Money will be needed to achieve some specific goals.

Mystery birthday: People born on October 19 are generally well-known, strong-willed and independent. Reviving the world, they are often too highly valued and distinguished themselves excessive straightforwardness. Not just love to take part in various competitions, but may create conflicts especially from scratch, just to compete with anyone. Persistent search for the truth - this is an eternal theme of life, so any ulterior motive, manipulation at the level of emotions and silent punishment without explanation cause their hostility. They can explode in a fit of anger, but then did not conceal anger and after the storm has passed, go to conciliation. Rather, they are driven by the desire to shed the true light on what is happening, especially on the subject interesting to them at the moment.

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Some little personal development, born October 19, afraid to expose their ins and outs and take a defensive position, to hide from the public eye. Sometimes it comes to paranoia. But in moments of his triumph such people can completely give up all their fears and false fears, as well as people suffering from fear of heights and managed to climb to the highest peak.

Sometimes, born October 19 can completely disappear from view in order to develop more talents, to acquire skills, and then appeared, to achieve even greater success. But sometimes it is the disappearance of the test is too strong: they can get to the unfavorable environment for them, to be at a standstill, or maintain such an inadequate way of life that will not be able to return to the abandoned atmosphere and do the same things. People born on October 19 is usually good friends and loyal family man. But if you try to bind them to family and home, they begin to feel resentment, feeling that they want to impose a free soul fetters. If they bring, they are capable of the most rebellious acts. In addition, they can be critical of loved ones and enough harsh words to say, and at the same time deeply hurt because their opinion is respected. Because of this, the relationship with young children do not always add up safely, but as an adult, children are usually grateful to my parents for labor invested in them.

Born October 19 should avoid too much power over the people around them do not claim the title of "best friend", and remain just a good friend. Periodic retreat into the shadows, to a secondary role, the adoption of secondary position without protrusions themselves in all situations, will contribute to progress in their spiritual development.

Health: Link to the rivalry and competition is fraught with physical and mental injuries, as often arouses the hostility of other people. A born October 19 very emotional, it is easy to hurt their unkind look or word. With a very low threshold of nerve stimulation and sensitive response to any change, even a common allergy can become a problem for their health. It is necessary to control the diet, be attentive to the relationship of fat, dairy products and sweets. In his youth gambling nature involve contact sports (wrestling, tennis), but with age, better to move to a quiet exercise - swimming, walking, cross-country skiing. People born on October 19 may suffer urogenital diseases, women - bladder infection, men - prostate disease.

Tip: Appreciate the silence. More silent, let you speak for your actions. The more you depend on the friendship, the more harmony will be your desire. Do not be fooled by the fact that people will forgive you always, their patience is not unlimited.

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