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Fate: It is the birthday of independent, enterprising people with powerful energy, persistence and stubbornness. Under these traits have a lot of colleagues and friends, but also a lot of envy and enemies. The family, too, not everything went smoothly - frequent conflicts over incontinence, inability to resolve them without bringing up the scandals and major quarrels. Born October 18 must learn to control your emotions, deal with tantrums, be prudent and calm. In business to work better individually. Then in the enterprise can expect success. Born on October 18 will be able to achieve a high position and power, but only if they win the temperament and the extra drive. And without the habit of self-control success will not be permanent.

Mystery birthday: People born on October 18 often play major roles in the drama of life, and not just a simple party, but also by influential leaders of what is happening around - at work, in society or in the family. Such people do not hesitate to move up, but the desire to take the royal chair, though great, but not unlimited. They can stay on a more modest achievements. They can not be considered conclusive and the typical leaders, too many people are interested in, and beyond that.

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For example, as head of the company, they can give up their rights and obligations and do something else, more attractive for them. Many leaders in their responsible positions are eagerly awaiting the day when they can leave it and do what he likes, and the remaining staff will miss their honesty, directness, reputation. Personality, weaker, simply can not cope with the tasks assigned to them by high duties and they will end up a victim in a stressful situation.

Despite the fact that the born October 18 like to be in the thick, especially in the middle of the action, they still are introverts. For them, the main thing is their personal life and work, and not the management of the company, from that they can quickly get bored. Not being a secular kind, the company infused with difficulty, while having fun with them. Born October 18 like to participate in all plans of the family or the community, and they may be very upset if there are not included. However, they do not flaunt their trauma, and simply return to their private affairs and favorite work. But here they can make mistakes when evaluating the intentions of others, so you should be careful and cautious and not to break relations and try to correct them. Sometimes, born October 18 look nerdy or too arrogant personalities, which, of course, annoying other people. Therefore, we must always remain humble and not to show overconfidence, or a sense of superiority over others.

Health: excessive load leads to stress because of the great responsibility, so born October 18 must learn to say "no" if they feel that they have reached the limit. For this they first must determine the boundaries of such a limit, that is, that they can still do and what is not. Emotional rest will promote adherence to diet and regular sleep. It will help a balanced diet that includes a variety of fresh vegetables and cereals as a source of carbohydrates. Stimulants - caffeine, nicotine, alcohol should be reduced to a minimum, and various tranquilizers taken very carefully. It is necessary to set aside time for exercise, especially for physiotherapy - massage will help to get rid of back pain and yoga will lead to relaxation.

Tip: Say "no" to themselves and others. To strike a balance between "giving" and "receiving". Sometimes it is possible and to question - can not be sure at all.

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