Birthday   October  17  horoscope




Fate: This day is such that the negative character traits of people born on this day - ambition, unreasonable ambitions could intensify. They cooked a lot of trials and tribulations in life, and if they can overcome them and not become embittered, future life appear full of love and harmony. But if they can not cope with their baser traits, it will remain alone and lose the meaning of life. As a rule, they still reach the top of the social ladder, and financial well-being. Just spend the money rather unusual - organize scientific laboratories and clinics, implement any political or social initiatives.

The mystery of the birth: Born October 17, facing danger or difficulties, maintain their balance as the cat, trying not to lose their peace of mind. It would have been easy, but they love to take risks, so their main enemy - the instability, which they themselves create.

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There are two kinds of people born on October 17: the first - balanced and calm, the second - urchins that require risk otherwise boring and tedious to live. Of course, hardly anyone takes the risk of their own lives, but many people like to take risks, endangering the property, money, love and prosperity. There is a more balanced nature, living quietly and peacefully, but they are often attracted to artistic, unusual people that do not get bored, on the contrary, will experience excitement, even without a special reason. The result is that almost all people born on October 17 attracted sophisticated dramatic life events, but someone just watching them, and someone, most risk, seeking to participate in them. And both of them are very difficult to change their lives. By putting itself above the laws of human life, they are often victims of their arrogance. They pursue major setbacks in finance, and in his health. But they still go through life being of good cheer, knowing that they can overcome any setbacks and difficulties, great or small they are.

Dating back to the fate as his old friend, they may fall into much delusion and lose big. Many of birth 17 October, greatly exaggerate their own abilities and therefore often give other people's ideas as their own. Taking proven themes, they are quite successfully recycle them in a modern spirit, but the basic approach to life remains conservative. To study in detail, using their experience and progressive thinking, they can boldly take risks, using other people's work and ideas. Relationships with family, friends, family and colleagues of birth 17 October build very deliberately and carefully, but count on their unconditional support is not necessary. Mood they can vary and be just awful if they feel a threat to their power, or doubts about their intentions. Despite the fact that their judgments and opinions are often excellent, but the direction can be selected properly, and they will never admit it. Still, they need to learn to better themselves, and many reject the false superficial values.

Health: The tendency to neglect risks and safeguarding the sense of fear leads to obvious health threat. The biggest dangers are internal organs and back. There is a threat of disease, indulge in sexual intercourse, so they have to be careful, as appropriate. In cooking, they can express themselves very clearly, but, as in all things, moderation is needed here. Having a pretty whimsical body, they may suffer difficulty digestion, terrible headaches, liver dysfunction, or constipation. The output is a strict diet, which includes simple food without spices, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Because of moderate exercise and good malokontaktnye sports - swimming, walking, cross-country skiing.

Tip: Beware of self-complacency, but try not to much pressure on yourself. Do not be afraid to admit their mistakes, and sometimes it is possible to comply, because the image is not the most important thing in your life.

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