Birthday   October  16  horoscope



Fate: It is the birthday of the hard-working, self-confident people. They have a rich imagination, they are stubborn and enterprising in achieving goals. Success in business promotes the ability to establish contacts. Outgoing them good energy attracts people who want to entrust them with their problems, desires and thoughts. People have no doubt that everything will remain secret and that promotes respect and trust. Good show themselves in the professions that require working with people - teaching, medicine, applied sciences. The family created an atmosphere of confidence, love, and friendship among all generations. Despite some difficulties in financial matters at the beginning of life, by the middle of all there is to secure material success and achieve sustainable prosperity.

Mystery birthday: People born on October 16 often argue and ponder decisions related to occupational or personal questions. They can assess the situation, to understand the essence of the issue and it is their natural quality. They have no preconceived opinions or prejudices are never asked to copy their personal morality and are not closed nature.

Zodiac sign characteristics


People born on this day, liberal, responsive to any new ideas, ready to discuss the most fantastic projects. At the same time, they try to see the suitability of the proposed real life, as it is for them it is an objective phenomenon. Born October 16 rely on common sense and appreciate it. With the development of the imagination, they can see real life in an unexpected angle, and a combination of fantasy and realism distinguishes people born on this day. For example, having a highly developed intuition, they often used allegories, analogies that more people inherent mental warehouse. Sometimes they are somehow non-traditional way and because of that often cause hostility to his face slander, can get into the frankly scandalous situation. Such moments of life very unfavorable for marriage, business cooperation and friendship. But fortunately, people born on October 16 tend not to give in his life by the rules, they preach, so they must be pre-identified and marked. They do not like people who say one thing and act differently and thus hide behind any religious or moral rules.

In their personal lives they are not rational, which is manifested not only in some strange things, but also impulsive behavior. They are quite complex and quite unpredictable in life as value themselves by reacting only on the requirements. They can then protect the blame society in which they live, and look at this rather ungrateful. They prefer to criticize their surroundings themselves and not expect that it will make someone else. For other people, they can be quite diplomatically, even if they do not like them. Public speaking are not enthusiastic, but have something to say if asked. They prefer to meditate alone and very unhappy if they interfere in these minutes. It is necessary to restrain myself or learn to avoid situations that provoke strong emotional reactions.

People born on October 16, has the talent to be insightful and critical. It should be spent not only on the world, but to use myself.

Health: People born on October 16 have a tendency to various relationships, most often alcohol. This can lead to negative consequences for the nervous system and liver. As workaholics, they need to pay attention to the alternation of work and rest, do not neglect the holidays and have a large and small joys of life. With their common sense, it is easy to be native to convince them of the usefulness of the diet, regular sleep, sport. Believing in something, they become ardent followers of this, be it vegetarian, raw food diet, aerobics or yoga.

Tip: By reasoning and trial and error, understand that most suits you and get rid of all unnecessary. Check the vote itself and the requisite. And do not deprive people of what they need to provide them with greater freedom of action.

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