Birthday   October  15  horoscope



Fate: It is the birthday of strong and resilient people. With a strong character, they are responsible, dutiful and careful. Special diplomacy and charm helping them to establish acquaintance with different people, which invariably moves them up the career ladder. The area where they can be most successful - art, theater, literary activity. In the field of finance, particularly in the investment, they are stable, and the marriage is usually happy. Also, they're lucky in a business partnership, and in any business that is related to public works (theater, teaching, coaching, counseling).

Mystery birthday: People born on October 15, has always defended its independence in all spheres - in the family, at work, including the environment. In the life performance can be the leading actors, but they can be the leader of the performance, or even comment, but play an important role. They have a strong influence on others, personally or through their work. Since the surrounding people willing to listen to those who are born on October 15, they have a great responsibility to its magnetism is not the right way to bring down others.

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People born on this day, leaders do not like the usual leaders. They are not fighting for ideas, develop a shared vision surgery, they correctly assess the situation and show how we should act in a given situation. They can be quite good employees or partners, but prefer to work alone, as the only way they can achieve the freedom they need in all - studies, movements, discoveries. Openly expressing all that they think, born October 15, often find themselves in a state of ambivalence - on the one hand, they attract people, and on the other cause the active rejection of those who do not know very well. Such a negative reaction towards them, can cause frequent cause of depression or nervous breakdown. At the same time they do not like loneliness, suffer from it, and the need to leave the society is for them the punishment.

Men and women who were born on October 15 could be good parents. They know the feeling of loneliness and rejection, so tend to surround their children with care and attention. They have a lot of energy, time and money to spend on their child, but first of all, seek to form his character, so do not tend to over-indulge the whims and demands. Children tend to respond to them by mutual trust. Born October 15, often called selfish or egomaniac, worried only how to attract attention. The most outstanding representatives, have the talent and knowledge to ignore such statements, but less successful can indeed be surface personality and great need. Even the most successful people born on October 15 like catchy externalities advance invented poses and phrases more appropriate for the stage than in real life. They probably need to develop a calm manner, reduce its arrogance, it will attract the attention of more people. The ability to use your talent beliefs of other people is the basis of their personal success. But, born on this day people should not be too arrogant and self-confident, it irritates others. And do not think that they will always have good luck, could collapse at any moment to overtake.

Health: When sedentary life, born October 15, there will be problems with the spine. It is impossible to overeat too, overloading the internal organs, to abuse alcohol. In other affected liver, kidneys, pancreas and intestines. It is feared because of the stress of hostile surrounding. Therefore, people born on this day, it is useful to be alone, regular vacation leave. The most important thing - to strike a balance in everything: physical activity, sex, nutrition, mental and psychological health. In his youth, can chronic tonsillitis and other diseases of the nasopharynx.

Tip: You need to calm down. Sometimes bold attack on your part only cause a negative reaction. It is useful to listen to what they say friends, but especially what they say are your enemies. Often a compromise is necessary, it should not always be to insist on.

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