Birthday   October  14  horoscope



Fate: This birthday friendly and hard-working people sensitive and responsive. They are always ready to help, always lean on, will not betray in critical situations. Their talents and skills will be able to manifest in the humanitarian sphere - art, religion, healing practices. Having a variety of events, and at times difficult, they will become wise, will receive the necessary life experience on which will create excellent conditions of life itself.

Mystery birthday: The slogan of people born October 14 - temperance, striving to find a balance between extremes. The challenge is in front of them - not to become boring or the orthodox, on the one hand, and not fall into the whirlpool of vile pleasures and passions, a nother. Any disruption to such a direct road leads to disaster, but at the same time provide an opportunity to beat the bugs in their favor.

At birth 14 October, there are strict limits, restricting their life as observing a measured course of events, they are deprived of ups, but avoid falling. The most advanced among those born October 14 very reserved and owned by a well. But hurry, they do not like, and especially not like to be rushed. Expresses itself mainly in artistic images, literature, music, but not the speakers.

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The transfer of knowledge, criticism, philosophy, quips about life around them - that's manifested their well-developed intellect. In physical development, they focused a little this side of life, as a rule, are not noticeable when we first met. But this does not mean that they are not interested in the problems of the body. Some external stimulus - illness, accident, sexual attraction, birth, open their eyes to the significance of such items and the need to give them considerable time.

Often, born October 14 Verkhovod in life, but it does not look like aggression or open order management is more like the side of the shade, or gradually. A special attachment to material things or concerns they have, but the concept of the house is very important to them, although sometimes this home to them becomes a favorite work. In the intimate life they probably are monogamous and that they are satisfied, but there is always a risk (especially for women) isolation or subordination of a strong personality.

As a rule, people born on October 14, the master of all trades, can easily adapt to new conditions and find a common language with almost all. Not really striving for wealth, still concerned about their future and are able to save money, "old age." Born October 14 often stabilize the lives of others, they are involved in the theater of life, not as actors but as a director, which directs all the action. Great value for these people to have the opportunity to travel, and often at the end of their lives, they live far from the place where they were born. For the refined natures moving means not only change of residence, and serve as a symbol of freedom, spiritual growth, underpinned by the growth of material well-being. But the stability and balance the many people whose birthday is October 14, lead to spiritual stagnation, complacency, unwillingness to move forward and take the next height. They should not lose sight of this fact, strive for new goals and achieve high standards.

As a rule, people born on October 14, young at heart and cheerful. They usually work out for themselves their own philosophical view of what is happening, and it helps them to keep young and old soul.

Health: To born October 14 great danger of sitting or sedentary lifestyles. For various health complications can result depression, obesity, ignoring exercise. They have a tendency to various neurological diseases, such as tick eye, convulsions feet, generally prone to sudden acute neuralgia. Therefore, it shows the different diets, fasting days, classes interesting for their sports. They themselves can be a wonderful creative chefs and plan your daily diet, avoiding too much fat high-calorie food and spices. A good walk in the fresh holiday every day.

Tip: You should always be open to the world, is not to withdraw into themselves, are not ashamed of their talents, share them with the world. Surprise others and do not be afraid of failures - to be followed by ups.

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