Birthday   October  13  horoscope



Fate: Today born brave, hard-working people with highly developed intuition. They are prone to mysticism and the occult sciences, as well as exhibit psychic abilities. Such qualities they can realize in religious affairs, philosophy, healing. Work - their chief assistant in achieving the objectives.

Mystery birthday: Professional activities for those born October 13 - a serious and responsible sphere of life. Career is the primary, and the pride of the results of their work and encourages them to spur on new achievements. They better not be among the enemy, they are cruel and dangerous, their endurance, and the audacity - the perfect weapon in the fight against resistance. Their dictatorial demand complete submission to their requirements. They are a very important downsides character - a lack of flexibility and rancor. For them it is very difficult to be happy for a long time, because somehow there is criticism of the status quo. They need to relax more often, but sometimes this is not possible due to the inability to simplify their lives. This approach is extended to the private sphere.

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