Birthday   October  12  horoscope



Fate: Born October 12 ambitious, it is purposeful nature, their insight and intuition are hitting the key. Their plans are ambitious and grandiose, and the desire to realize their large. On all fronts, they will be successful: in the family - peace and prosperity in finance - Eldorado. However, the passion for power, or irrepressible thirst rise may lead to the collapse and loss of what had been conquered before.

Mystery birthday: a dominant position and the attention of birth 12 October take for granted and they are striving to win. They are well educated, and education is appropriate and is shown among the elite classes, and among ordinary people in any environment they feel comfortable. It is especially important for those born on this day the quality of their work, they are important to their valued authoritative people, the best of the best regardless of what position they have in society. Born on October 12 have excellent intuition in terms of finance and their participation and empathy to the relatives and friends, readiness to contribute money looks very touching. Pettiness and snobbery are unacceptable to them, so all of them are deprived of the generous hint of condescension.

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Born October 12 easy-going, and even monetary help from them is accepted without any hesitation and discomfort, it is easier than if it would have been someone else, people are pleased to deal with them. Born October 12 need to learn to give and take. They are committed to the old traditions, but their views, words and actions of modern and innovative. They are characterized by extravagance, humor, they are excessive in some things. All their qualities are manifested in various spheres - from the bed to the survey of social antagonism. The world is perceived by the scene, which takes their own life, with its tragedies and comedies. At the same time they can not be accused of hypocrisy, and the game, they are harmonious and natural, and their behavior has nothing to do with the special attraction of attention to the person.

Born on October 12 should turn off a arrogance and arrogance, which will turn a failure when not thought through the consequences of their actions for themselves and others. It happens that they know the rules, traditions and norms of society, deliberately elevate himself above them, especially privacy. They comfortably coexist contradictory traits and selfish unselfish tendencies. Sometimes they are so strongly lobbying for their interests and promote their needs, that it confuses and upsets their partners. In love relationships, such people are "dangerous" in the sense that it was too easily given them a break, after which no trace remains of old feelings. Their partners do not recover so quickly after the relationship with them. Born October 12 competent and have experience in the public, in connection with which they can easily become a reliable refuge for colleagues, family, friends. However, to be attentive to the interests of others, carrying out their duties, they require effort.

Health: Few representatives sign complains of poor health, but born October 12 should not take prosperity for granted health, inexhaustible and enduring. They should have regular check-ups and examinations. Born October 12 - fatty food lovers and other tasty goods of life, so they should pay attention to their diet and physical activity. They recommended walking, swimming, and tennis. Born on October 12 should watch their backs, kidneys and lower gastrointestinal tract, and women in particular should ensure the bladder, women's bodies.

Tip: the feelings of others must also be valued and taken into account. Do not neglect the needs of those who are near, take care of them. Love is selfless and does not require anything in return - a worthy goal.

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