Birthday   October  11  horoscope



Fate: People born on October 11 - darlings of destiny. The ease and success will follow them everywhere, and everything what concerns their hand, charged with positive energy, impregnated with luck and prosperity. They are available for any field of activity, and everywhere they will surround your life comfortably. They can not do evil that will result in multiple fatalities, they should with compassion and kind to others, because they are the source of their prosperity.

Mystery birthday: imaginative born Oct. 11, they love the activity and excitement, always trying to occupy a central position and believe in their important social role. But their inner essence, sensual and thirsty, holding them back. Find a place for those born on October 11 is very important because career ladder is for them passes through great difficulties and setbacks. In the constant search for a suitable job, such a case in which they would be able to be realized, they change jobs and sectors of activity. But no matter what path they choose in the end, their unbridled pursuit of social and collective case does not dry out. Because social exclusion is unbearable for them. Their fate, their actions are always linked to the others, so the role of the representative of the group to which it is suited.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Born October 11 are too delicate and soft in communication. Their progress in a difficult career of the uncertainty in life, a tendency to give up and stops the search of "his" and humility with the existing state of affairs can be explained by the lack of selfishness and ambition. Sometimes they are afraid to look trouble in the eye and defy difficulties, so it's easier to avoid them at all meetings. They lack full of happiness and self-realization lifestyle that allows you to take the time to vital areas - love, family, work, leisure, and entertainment. Born October 11 - team players. A pleasant character make it possible without any problems to adapt to any social group, or work environment, easily passing from one to another. They feel comfortable among the workers, and on the top, and at the lower levels.

Representatives of the sign with an elite education or having a wealth of rarely accused of snobbery and glorification of himself as a member of a select caste, in any case, they behave decently. They should be careful with regard to persons who can use them to achieve their goals, born October 11 should be wary of manipulating them. However, in the event of such behavior on the part of friends and acquaintances born October 11 give them a chance to improve. On the other hand, it is important motif similar concessions. If a response to a position of strength with another hand, it looks right and is a testament to man's spiritual growth. But if it is dictated by the masochistic impulses, such a position is necessary to uproot.

In moments of complete satisfaction with life born October 11 unreal experience bliss. However, the absence of battles with his acquiescence does not mean absence of problems in other areas of spiritual life. Therefore, the continuous development, progress, change, and the concentration of forces on their implementation should be the guiding incentives for born October 11th. Otherwise, the stagnation.

Health: Sedentary lifestyle and poor diet lead to various diseases. Born October 11 are required to monitor their kidneys and back when sitting for a long time in one place, and drink plenty of water. You should stay in the past overeating and harmful craving for coffee, tobacco, alcohol. Pleasure associated with tasty table decoration and a warm bed, play an important role for those born on October 11, but it is always worth remembering how expensive excess. Active physical facilities will be useful for them, give strength and energy.

Tip: Beware of self-satisfaction, be active, to move. Trouble-free life does not always mean that you should not fight. Perfection every day. Desire, because the desire - the beginning of all, an important part of life. Strive your eyes upward, but let the feet will surely stay on the ground, with solid ground.

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