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Fate: Born October 9 endowed with will, they stubbornly and persistently. They are cut and categorical and uncompromising them is intolerable, and it is preventing him and others. They should learn to be more flexible and to show goodwill to listen to others and understand them, and not just myself. They are prone to early marriages that lead to separation and divorce, after which grows in frustration and hopelessness that lead to depression. If they try to change and revise their views, then, may be able to withstand the vicissitudes of life.

Mystery birthday: Birth October 9 insightful look distinguished, accurate and critical, on someone else's life and the events around. But it is leading more heart than the mind, so the human qualities are most valuable to them. They are attractive nature, and may have an impact on others. The power of their intuition - is enormous, but the assessment of themselves, they can profoundly mistaken, especially as the center of an emotional explosion. Discernment and sharpness sight born October 9 so strong that conceal from them something impossible. However, to evaluate themselves objectively, they can not, even without seeing the obvious truths. In this situation, they are confused and hurt feelings towards another person.

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Later, reflect on and letting go of emotions, they may realize that they were wrong, sacrificing personal qualities in exchange for his feelings. Born on October 9 are ready to sign, sold his soul for the sake of the well-being - physical or otherwise. They can act not only as Faust to gain unlimited power, which will give Lucifer, but to bow before Ahriman-giving material goods. Despite the natural creativity, sensitivity and artistic inclinations, the physical body means to them more. Sexual attraction - a considerable theme in their lives, sometimes complementary and sometimes contrary to religious and spiritual.

Many talents are inherent born on October 9 is the mind (vision and observation), and eloquence, and spirituality (faith), and physical attractiveness (sexy, athletic, magnetism) - they can break a man in different directions, so it is important balance between them. For men born October 9 characterized feminine traits, such as daydreaming, sensitivity, and women expressed aggressive properties - rudeness, aggressiveness, hostility, hooligan. Those born on this day tend to professions in which the critical knowledge of human nature. Their peculiar talent manifested in the participation and help others to know yourself and to identify their talents, thus showing a short cut to success, it is considerable.

They masterfully able to provide assistance and support, but they should also learn to act with confidence and with his life methodically and clearly paving the way. For them, the need to understand a simple truth - ask the Council not shameful, it is not fatal, but could well help. Evaluate your behavior may be difficult, but these can be avoided promashek working on a patiently cultivating your identity. And most importantly - born October 9 should avoid untreated wounds on the soul and fight indecision, sometimes they need to persevere, not listening to the inner voice.

Health: Psychological problems - anger, depression, frustration - these are the main maladies born October 9, they can occur at unfulfilled hopes in cases where the results are not what was intended. They need to learn stiffness, and sometimes manifest cruelty, particularly against people who use them. Born October 9 seek to ensure that everything went without corrections, ideally, and often sacrificed to achieve this harmony of their own. For some born on this day will not be superfluous additional training, for example, religious, spiritual or psychotherapeutic positive, develop self-confidence. The nutrition and physical education born on this day should be guided by instinct. They should not be abused antidepressants and sedatives, drugs to watch out for.

Tip: Strengthen your willpower. It is impossible to please everyone, do not even try. Remove the veil from his eyes, and finally take the tough decisions. Do not sell a part of their soul, save, and do not betray the most valuable inside. Happiness - only in reality, do not let dreams ruin your life.

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