Birthday   October  8  horoscope



Fate: This day brings the world of hard-working people, aged and motivated. Just make the effort, they will be able to achieve the desired, but their labor. Their path strewn with anxieties, difficulties, intrigues, will lead them to unprecedented success, if they are true to their ideals and to be able to maintain, despite all the obstacles, the purity of soul, sincerity and compassion.

The mystery of the birth: Born October 8 perceive life as a love affair filled with love and beauty. They can elevate love to heaven by erecting these feelings on a pedestal and sacrificing them all. Or can suffer without finding this great feeling in my life. This sublime attitude tend to be born on October 8, not only in the sphere of love, they genuinely are interested in the wonders of nature, mysteries of the cosmos, the currents in the ocean and the planet's rotation. Born this day a highly developed intuition, which they use for understanding human psychology.

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But at the same time they can be quite difficult to read in the features and qualities of self. Sometimes they feel that they are doing some important work, but from the outside it looks like a ridiculous attempt to solve something. Therefore, they are often mistaken for frivolous cranks, and those who are considered sane and practical people generally call into question the judgment and logic born October 8. And in spite of this born October 8 prudently manage money skillfully managed with family chores, show responsibility and consciousness in everything they do, but are these properties - also up to a certain limit. There is a possibility that they will come off from reality and let exorbitant heights.

Trouble born on October 8 in that their previous experience did not bears any restrictions, and they are easy to push on crazy adventures in the pursuit of passion and new feelings. Therefore, their troubles are not surprising, especially emotional. Their dating can wear intricate and dangerous. It is their habit - not to communicate with those with odd personalities, dubious characters with an entirely unsuitable to them people. They exhibit such heroes as a strong interest that lose all vigilance. And in the end may fall prey to those who want to use them for personal purposes. But then he comes to the rescue something that makes escape from trouble and butterfly flutter out the open window. And born October 8 again and again flit from flower to flower in search of a new web.

Separation from loved them brings incredible suffering, but even here born October 8 invincible. This is possible due to their boundaries to understand the essence of things, to be able to confront them and to accumulate experience, which you can then learn something else. These people are interested in reading, they may for a long time to think, but all their wisdom, after all, only the result of their personal experience, invaluable and unique importance to later life. Born October 8 we can not forget about our ancestors, our roots. For them, there is a risk of power carried away, demanding more and more powers, reaching levels higher and higher, and it will not bring them happiness. Because in the full sense, they may be happy just staying true to themselves. Those defects that occur on their way, monsters and dragons power ambition, must either be defeated or become reliable allies.

Health: You were born October 8 most of the problems of psychological, emotional plane than physical health. They are prone to depression, it is hard going through adversity, going to extremes - ignoring the real problems or total surrender to them. With internal conflicting emotions born October 8 often turn to psychoanalysts, such specialists will help them useful. Also, they should engage in aesthetic kinds of exercise. Do not get involved is born this day a rigid diet, but rather to use the fruits of the earth - cereals, bread, root vegetables, stew.

Tip: Do not fold out of the way, no matter how difficult it was. Do not be distracted from the main. Use your mind to benefit himself and others. Remember, life is not only a person lives and goes, it leaves in experience. Ossification is not useful, do not get stuck in place.

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