Birthday   October  7  horoscope



Fate: People visionary born on this day. From them comes a nice energy, they charm, harmony, comfort, warmth and reliability. This lovely people, good friends, and creative nature, showing their talent in art, music, painting. They will accompany fame, respect, honor, and family life is a cozy haven for households.

Mystery birthday: Disobedience and stubbornness inherent in the nature of birth 7 October, and these qualities can emerge at any time. Those born on this day consider their attitudes and beliefs true, but objectively they can be contrary to the norms of society and the environment. Their stubbornness and protests are mostly directed to only one - to bring to life the best, as seen in their minds. Therefore, they are directed to the leadership, to have a legal right to command and control and bring changes for the better in life.

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However, they have no ambition, they are driven by a belief in the ideals, and the government - only available tools to achieve it. At the first meeting did not say that birth 7 October stubborn and rebellious, their manners are refined and charming. On the side there is that they have their own world in which they live. Communicate more closely with birth 7 October mark the sharpness of mind and insight thoughts. These are people who can answer without hesitation to anyone, whether it's a stinging attack or Thanksgiving greetings, and their speech is characterized by directness. Even the bitter pill of truth and in someone else's address, they can savory flavor with some humor and tact. He is subject to the nature of human emotions, so they are easy to recognize human nature and evaluate the personal qualities of people.

They do not consider it necessary wasted in words and explanations, but simply act according to their own ideas about the appropriateness of a particular act. Born on October 7 are the type of people who think strongly, so when entering the social group, for example, a new team, a new job, there may be some difficulties. Despite the general thrust of the ideas, thoughts and ideals in the group born October 7 must determine its place in it. And since their worldview, political principles, the views are constantly in the process of evolution, modifications, value here, issues of cooperation, loyalty, leadership. Another controversial feature of birth 7 October - confrontation between moral and immoral behavior. Stepping on the sinful ways, they are not immoral, as aware of their actions. World of birth 7 October - a changing world in which morals are subject to change as the day and night, so they can not give a precise definition of good and bad. Therefore, they should not be put on display their rebellion and pour criticism on those who do not share their views. Maybe later they will change the direction of motion is reversed.

Born on October 7 crave peace, not to disturb their existence. But fate does not give them such an opportunity, no matter how strong the desire for privacy, their lives over and over again faced with another life. Born on October 7 gaining the status of a white crow, may be detached society. Therefore, it is important for them not only to fill a notebook with a list of friends and acquaintances, but also to find relatives of people who will always be there, in spite of public opinion and the views themselves born October 7.

Health: Long-term continuous operation for a certain period of time can create some health problems at birth 7 October. Typically, this is due to the suppression of negative emotions and anger, disappointment, which lead to depression and anxiety. Born on October 7 should not follow the intuitive impulses that feel threatened with another hand, they should not stay ahead of the enemy, in this case, and to strike back at the not yet embodied in the reality of the threat. Citing the order of the day mode, sleep mode, born October 7 can gain long-awaited peace. They also should not be abused products - strong exponents of male and female energy (yin-yang), such as meat and sugar. Recommended moderate exercise.

Tip: Do not delay solving problems subordination. Pay attention to the relationships with parents, improve them. Trust those who have earned your trust. Learn to defend yourself, do not become a soccer ball. But the attempt to curb his rebelliousness. Equilibrium - aspire to it.

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