Birthday   October  6  horoscope



Fate: Independence, sociability, communication skills and a special charm distinguishes born October 6. Their ability to easily deploy people to face due to their innate sense of balance that allows you to create a useful circle of acquaintances. They are characterized by a delicate taste. Can be realized in theatrical activities, music, journalism is.

Mystery birthday: Tendency to the instructions and teachings for the happy life of others and improve it - that's what distinguishes born October 6. But this does not mean daily patronage and guidance as born October 6 not identify themselves to the category of officials. Their main incentive for any business - fun, entertainment thirst, improve the quality of their lives. At full speed - born October 6 so live, seeing life as a fun adventure, pleasure, in which there is no place everyday. They seek to get round or simplify everyday affairs, the tedious and demanding force that creates opportunities for relaxation and more fun.

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Born on October 6 in this constant pursuit of the pleasures of sensual feelings and impressions can escape from reality. So, born October 6, women can throw his whole life at the feet of the beloved. They will challenge the public keeps talking about marriage and maintaining moral character and able to shamelessly expose their sensual impulses show. In this regard, they look immoral. Born October 6 men pay for love romance less time tending more to the romance of adventure and discovery.

Such people are considered to be good friends, but not because of loyalty, support and care of others, but because of his cheerful disposition, with them just do not get bored. For them, it is easy to turn the mood for any party to easily and directly, making the source of the most fun. Admiration from the other powers of self-satisfaction. At birth 6 October undoubted talent to make in any atmosphere (friendly, working, business) fun and joy, their positive attitude is a model for those who are more gloomy view of life. However, this feature gradually burdens of others, it becomes boring and exhausted subject. Looking at birth 6 October, you would think that they deliberately evade serious view of life deny its depth and importance.

Less sophisticated nature sometimes involved in the fun and connivance attitude to everything and lose what they had. Reasonable optimism distinguished birth 6 October. Despite the apparent playfulness and vitality within their solid core, which allows you to predict the consequences of their actions and their outcome. Individuals even show ruthlessness in achieving their goals. On the one hand, born October 6 - and supporter of the comfort and modern conveniences, and on the other - are committed to the tradition, respect the tastes and interests. They are able to surround his life of luxury and elegance. However, they do not get involved and to get used to this life of luxury and comfort.

Health: excessive - the scourge of birth 6 October, they should be the measure of all things. Entertainment and fun certainly bring joy into their inner being, however, and in the tumult of cheerfulness they may overdo it, completely forgetting about the consequences for physical health. They are like butterflies flying to light that beckons, attracts and burns. Carelessness can lead to depletion of internal forces, and sometimes born October 6 not able to exert a negative situation in your life and be a fitting rebuff to the participation of other people's misfortunes.

Tip: Your dark side should not prevail, you have to feel it and understand. Sometimes the sadness is useful, do not be afraid of it. Eternal happiness does not happen, and carelessness can undermine the health and cause depression. Trifles and everyday life - an integral part of life, do not miss them, so as not to miss the big and important.

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