Birthday   October  4  horoscope



Fate: The duality - that is the main feature of birth 4 October. Intuition they developed as anybody else, they are cunning, resourceful, often addicted to the occult. Vibrations October 4 reinforce the strong character traits inherent in the human personality, born on this day. Their life, their path and everything that happens will be determined by the nature of their own, directly depend on it. The path of goodness, mercy and love will lead them to a happy and serene life, the path of evil as turn them into miserable and joyless people living on earth in vain.

Mystery birthday: Immediately and easily born October 4 go through life without looking at someone else's opinion, and doing the basis of their considerations. The exterior is soft and pleasant people who sympathize with, but for the cute appearance is almost always hidden a solid inner core, which has been drawn up by the person overcome difficulties in this imperfect world. It is a realistic approach allows them ironically refer to many things, and be sverhnablyudatelnymi have a subtle sense of humor.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Born October 4 love, that all went according to routine, and routine and they themselves established. Using hidden talents, born October 4 skillfully manipulated people vlastvuya completely without exposing their power on display. In the light of external nature and softness lies imperious and impatient objection personality. It opens at the moments when their powers are directly affected, this is where they show their stubbornness and intransigence. So expressed the duality of their nature - the softness and strength, coexist in the same person.

However, others seem to be born on October 4 nice, understanding and nice people and their charm - encouraging. They are distinguished by an eccentric view of the outside world, it is unique. Close people take them to appreciate despite the specific relation to reality, defined as idiosyncrasy. Their great love for people, and they will gladly take all that gives social and environmental. Strong ties bind born on October 4 with the people they are deeply humane and remain faithful to their philanthropy, despite the circumstances. Having reached power, popularity, success, wealth, they can not be accused of snobbery because they remain the same, loving and caring. Of particular relevance at birth 4 October to the danger. Unlike ordinary people, perceiving dangerous maneuvers as a threat to life and something very negative, Libra often get involved in such a situation because of the negligent attitude to anything. Realizing that the risk factor is present in many situations, born October 4 take maximum precautions.

Mountain climbing, scuba diving, hang gliding and other risky activity are always accompanied by advanced training courses, excercise skills, and then put into practice. And very successfully. Family for those born October 4 - is very important, they are always proud of his family. And even in the absence of children, they will become perfect and loving family man - uncles, aunts, wives. The Company is also customary for them, there they feel comfortable and cozy. However, the desire for solitude have born October 4 does not take away. This tendency is further evidence that, if necessary, they are willing to concentrate and focus its energies on the result of working individually. The internal obstacles that can prevent birth 4 October to achieve high goals - the lack of ambition, which leads to the choice of a light, comfortable and pleasant life.

Excellent sense of style and ambience yourself with beautiful things distinguish them from the rest. But to move forward, they need an internal stimulus, desire that will encourage them to take action. Such fighting qualities will manifest itself in situations where you need to defend themselves or their rights, for example, to overcome his own vices, operating trouble or confrontation with the despotic superiors.

Health: careful not differ born October 4, so they do not avoid all sorts of injuries, the cause of which in most cases will be the love of danger. Such people should avoid shocks, falls and back injuries and internal organs. Of particular importance born October 4 give sexual relations are very sensitive approach to these issues, because they violate the emotional balance in this respect easily. Another feature, without which it can not do any representative of the sign, born October 4 - is to get the most out of life, which manifests itself in addiction to all grave sins - alcohol and smoking. Birth 4 October need to be restrained in their vices and know them to stop.

Tip: Be wary of complacency, as this may be a simple illusion. Get new goals and form a plan to achieve them, the timing and results. Think about the spiritual and the time spend on self-improvement of privacy. Is in motion, not frozen in time and space.

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