Birthday sign  October  2 horoscope



Fate: Owners superior intuition, motivated people born on this day. On them you can even say that they were prescient. Direct their talents and abilities to good works, going through life with dignity, they can create for themselves a comfortable environment. The greatest success they can achieve in the field of theater, literature and music. They are stable enough, and financial position.

Mystery birthday: Never born October 2 are not confused in his words. The opinion they express with great frankness. And rarely retain doubts about their thoughts on any subject. Most memorable are his ability to produce competent, witty and speak clearly and their reticence. Those born on this day often allow us to understand their feelings, not a drop, not frustrating and not annoyed about it. Sometimes, they are characterized by an excessive and critical in evaluating special taunt someone that causes a negative reaction from the people they are addressed to perceive their words too literally, or as an insult to his address.

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Many of those born on this day did not realize how hurtful their words can be for people. That is why they can be accused of insensitivity and cruelty to others. Mindset and behavior born October 2 times lets show some inclination to the political and social spheres of life. Most of them are very actively interested in the processes that occur in society and in public opinion dealt with at a high level, and sometimes even control it. They are easily able to attract the people standing in their way, and to turn a difficult situation and used for the benefit of themselves.

Those born on this day are endowed with grace, combined with that of their inner strength and charisma is able to produce a vivid impression on others. But consider them spineless, in any case not worth it, because many of them are hard natures, especially in matters of survival. They go perfectly well the ability to defend and attack that makes them quite undesirable enemies. But those born on this day are sometimes problems with the overly aggressive, bordering on excessive timidity. Born October 2 in his youth may have problems related to violence - they may suffer from it, and can be prone to the appearance of it. They need to learn not to react to triggers of their situation, to develop inner poise and peace of mind.

Born October 2 must try to express aggression, ill, and his ambition to surround them are not excluded and no doubt their thoughts and hidden motives. The grin on his lips born October 2 is not uncommon as a twinkle in his eyes. They experience fun, entertaining others is the same as and when they entertain, but do so with skill. They belong to the fans to make fun of others, but do not accept as a joke on them. Being sensitive to any jokes to yourself born on October 2 this sense of humor are twofold. His vulnerability and resentment born on a given day often try to hide behind the mask of harsh or frivolous appearance. And then, and another guise may conceal their nature, because they distract from his 'I' note professionally using aggression, wit and alienation. Only the closest people may notice how they are emotionally vulnerable.

Health: Accidents and violence that may happen to born October 2 most often are the result of the suppression of the danger of injury. In order not to hurt the people who surround them and wish them good is wary of dictatorial manners, if their behavior is based on the regular attacks of various kinds, for others. Sometimes, born October 2 can be of great assistance to the therapist who will help find the causes of the strange tendencies and reduce their occurrence to a minimum. Most are born in this day should be afraid of injuries of the abdomen and back. And most importantly, do not think they are invulnerable. Moderate exercise, proper nutrition, and general well-balanced rhythm of life will enable them to maintain their shape. But in any of these areas, it is not necessary to go too far.

Tip: Try not to use your image of the attention to detail in order to hide. Be yourself. Fight with inner fears and be more confident in themselves and their abilities. Splashing out their negative emotions, try to be careful - you can hurt others. Allow other people to participate in your life.

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