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Fate: People who in life will be plenty of opportunities to show themselves and their skills with the best hand are born on this day. They will undoubtedly be a success, and they have a mass of talent. However, the vibration of the day the most pronounced increase their quality and character traits. Only up to them how the rest of their lives, what activities are preferred and what are their living conditions. Those of them, who would do good, it will return a hundredfold. And who will do evil will be unhappy.

Mystery birthday: in the family, his circle of friends, in the workplace born October 1 are masters of the situation more than others. They reach this mainly due to their ability to look far ahead and the ability to work, rather than aggressive or disruptive force. Outstanding ability born October 1 surrounding felt on the level of instincts, which sometimes do not like born on that day, because they are not ambitious personality. Even being in the spotlight for their enormous stress, often psychological, which handle them is very difficult.

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The quest for knowledge of the outside world have born that day very clearly expressed, and eventually leads to a high level of personal development. Most of the difficulties these people have connected with a career. As an example, a situation where for a long time, they tend to get a certain position in society and, having received it, come to the conclusion that it does not meet their expectations. This can be partly explained by their extreme seriousness, which does not allow them to realize the importance of their success. It happens that they can not leave the thought related problems at work, the solution of which at a given moment is simply impossible, which is complicated by their desire for an ideal, not allowing to leave everything in place. In interpersonal relationships, these people are trying to communicate with people determined and talented, but often do not have their goals.

When choosing the second half born October 1 stop on the human ability to understand and help them as they move forward towards agreed goals. For them it is very important to feel the emotional support from their partner in all his endeavors. Born October 1 unique personality and all his affairs are trying to perform only in their own way. However, due to the fact that they are making significant progress towards them are very seriously and even taken as an example. Looking at a photograph born on this day with your colleagues think that they are in the wrong place. These people in their chosen profession are quite precarious.

Sometimes, paying too much attention to the work itself, they forget about the interpersonal relationships in the team for which he subjected to sharp criticism. Most of those born October 1 their knowledge obtained from practical experience rather than theoretical studies. They are high-level professionals, well-mannered, confident and honest people who know his worth. Respect, recognition and love of others, usually born October 1 win, though sometimes it takes many years. When they leave the company, they remember them with love and even those whose attitude had not differed warmth.

Health: Issues relating to health care is usually born October 1 both spiritual and practical storage. If in his quest for the ideal they are concentrated on improving health, they keep him at the highest level. And if not, they can and do not follow him. He is careful to take medication and to eat properly, to avoid possible problems with the kidneys and other internal organs. The diet should be balanced with a low in animal protein, fat, sugar and alcohol and should include fresh vegetables, cereals, dairy products.

Tip: Life force is distributed more deliberately. Try to overcome some of their doubts and fears. With special wary of predictions about your self. Try to learn how to transfer some of the responsibilities of others.

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