Birthday   October  30  horoscope



Fate: Commitment and ambition inherent born on this day. The strength and perseverance enable them to move ahead, to overcome difficulties and reach great heights. They have the ability to fascinate others, motivate them. And when follow them, they will finish the job. Liability permeated all of their behavior, they move confidently towards the goal, planning and choosing the right path. Therefore, money issues are solved them easily.

Mystery birthday: Because these people make excellent managers, born October 30 copes with the work of the manager, guiding and instructing. The ability to take into account previous experience and life situations, coupled with a compelling talent to select the correct frames, they always form a good team for solving the most complex projects. An interesting point is that born October 30 need to leave their open spaces or go abroad to make a fresh start or work in their specialty, so that day gains a double meaning.

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Birthday   October  29  horoscope



Fate: born on this day are aggressive and ambitious. Quarrelsome in their blood relations are difficult, difficult to fit in with them. His suspicion and unfounded suspicion they hurt others wounded, away from him. They should change, cultivate patience and kindness within yourself. They are talented and can manifest itself in painting or music. Family relationships are permeated difficulties, but in the material sense at all of them safely.

Mystery birthday: The novelty blows from all ideas and thoughts born Oct. 29, which they put into practice. For them naturally find a solution quickly and is non-trivial. In whatever field they did not work, they clearly follow the system, especially if they are its creators. Their plans are distinguished by forethought and balanced, and if necessary revised quickly. This willingness to possible changes and rapid restructuring under new circumstances, together with representative features are the formula for success for those born on October 29.

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Birthday   October  28  horoscope



Fate: flexible people are born this day, they are patient, not confident, modest. Those traits that most strongly manifested in the individual, and those vibrations are amplified days. From karmic debts they can not leave, and if they are still attached vices and misconduct, the lives of these people will be dull and boring. They can achieve success in the field of medicine, chemistry, and biology.

Mystery birthday: Training for those born on October 28 is important. Any statement or act is preceded by a lengthy analysis before to declare its position or to say goodbye to the money, take a step in a business or career, they have carefully weighed the possible complexity. Their research work continues after the scheduled start of the case. For those born on this day there is nothing more sad than to be confused because of its lack of preparation. They can indulge in extreme neurotic because of the fear that things do not go as planned, due to the possible failure of terms, failure to order monitoring.

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Birthday   October  27  horoscope



Fate: Stubbornness, passion and ambition are combined in nature born on this day. Sharp mind, excellent intuition, habit to analyze, reflect, plan actions, to calculate the options help them to climb high on the ladder in life. A lot of friends does not exclude them, and many enemies. If they choose the good way, and exciting life, if pride gets in the forefront and a disregard fills their hearts, while loneliness and life failure is inevitable.

Mystery birthday: active, impulsive nature is inherent born October 27. Their emotions are always in sight, from the quivering vitality and high jinks to painful thoughts and feelings associated with the various ups and downs. Mood swings for them commonplace. Therefore, it is important for them to learn to hold back, to manage emotion. Negative energy to anything good will not, it destroys from within and making negative developments in personal relationships, in work, friendship - in all spheres of life.

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Birthday   October  26  horoscope



Fate: born on this day - strong-willed, determined and decisive personality. Fate has given their talents and skills to use them. They can show them in medicine and biology. In the family they - idyll in the material sphere - prosperity, good fortune and prosperity.

Mystery birthday: One talent born October 26 - organizational. They easily reformed, reorganize and manage all structures, whether sports club, religious confession, team, company or political party. Occupying a leadership position or as the principal consultant, born October 26 turn the whole process into a smoothly functioning mechanism. Leaders - alone, they are also a great team player. They usually leave their contributions to any public matter, the interests of the team to them is always paramount.

Born October 26 seeking not only for personal success, but the success of the whole team, to their desires were not infringed and public is not affected. Born October 26 possess knowledge of power and its influence within society. They are also easily controlled with financial affairs, seeking to prosperity, in particular, having a symbiotic relationship with the organization. If they occupy the chair of the executive directors, their long-term strategy, cautious and focused on preservation and augmentation.

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Birthday   October  25  horoscope



Fate: Closure, enterprise, impulsiveness - such traits born on this day. The vibrations of the day enhance the features that most strongly manifested. Their lives can not be called simple. They are destined to go through intrigue, envy, slander. If they come out with dignity unpleasant situations while remaining honest and open with a good heart, then they will come to maturity and success can achieve great things. So the fate of the reward for patience and gentleness. Material sphere rich in success and failure. However, if they set a goal of financial well-being, then the stability and wealth are achieved.

Mystery birthday: For those born on October 25, it is important to give your thoughts completeness and perfection. They have developed imagination, their dreams are colorful, but mean little as long as they do not become even the slightest hint of reality. Those born on this day are the Earth's impressive appearance and a boa constrictor tranquility hidden part, they are always ready to help relatives, family, friends. They both support that can provide protection and peace of others in difficult situations they can trust and rely on them.

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Birthday   October  24  horoscope



Fate: outstanding personalities give us this day. They originally surrounded favorable conditions to become successful and happy. They are in good health and vitality hit the keys. They can be good actors, writers, musicians. In life, they will be surrounded by powerful patrons that will ensure success and high standing, luxury and comfort.

Mystery birthday: major life themes born October 24 - a dramatic revelation and an unhealthy attitude to the details. Being analytical personalities, they hasten to tell the world about their own discoveries in a very pompous and pretentious manner. However, this was not hidden desire to become famous or to shock, is important to them is not so much the external side of the case, as the very essence. For example, engaged in painting, they will never exhibit his paintings to meet their ambitious demands, on the contrary, they reach proficiency in this business and become excellent artists, at least, there will be technical performance at altitude.

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Birthday   October  23  horoscope



Fate: The determination, will and strong character distinguishes birth 23 October. Their hard work allows them to be successful in any field. In any case, for which they are taken, they become professionals. Vicissitudes of life will always accompany their way, however, born October 23 endowed with sufficient strength to withstand and overcome them. Their purposeful desire will be enough to make the dream a reality. And if they ask to be rich in order to live in luxury and well-being, filled with life comfortably, they will achieve this.

Mystery birthday: Stability for those born on October 23 - the necessary, but rarely achievable property of their lives. They rarely achieve it, no matter what sphere it may concern. The desire to balance their energy does not lead to the desired balance, it is still something remains unaffected. And not only the instability accompanies them contradictory - should also be on their heels. They are often bored and sated monotony, they go in search of entertainment. Therefore, they can be interesting and attractive that the other is the cause of a headache or something difficult, irresistible.

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Birthday   October  22  horoscope



Fate: It is the birthday of the peace-loving cool people who love peace and privacy. Often manifest themselves in philosophy, healing, religion, may engage in occult practices and mysticism. Tempering his character as a young man, passing through many obstacles, they can achieve happiness and well-being and live a long life in comfort and comfort. But the main danger that can lie in wait for them - the inability and unwillingness to save money, to postpone their reserve.

Mystery birthday: The common thread through all life born October 22 are threads of magnetism, attraction, seduction and seduction. Typically, they seduce, but also they can lose his head from the mad passion. When a romantic relationship is a person born on October 22 of any imminent crisis, especially in a love triangle.

We were born on this day the people a strong sense of jealousy, reaching sometimes ugly forms. Often they violate existing relationships, others are bred themselves divorced. They are not difficult to control the feelings of others, which they do very skillfully. It can be argued that in such a relationship, they are extremely dangerous, and often their appearance does not involve such a truly diabolical depths, and only relatives can know about it.

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Birthday   October  21  horoscope



Fate: People born on this day - strong-willed, ambitious and hardworking, purposefully reaching to their specific heights. If they are properly using their remarkable abilities and a variety of talents, they can succeed in their chosen field of activity and to implement their plans and ideas. In financial matters, they are doomed to success and stability and family life - a successful marriage based on mutual love and happy.

Mystery birthday: In terms of originality and diversity of views, people born on October 21 too much different from the other people surrounding them. On the one hand, they can be quite charming and attract everyone's attention, but on the other hand very often look despots, especially in personal matters. They are actually quite complex, to which is added to them explicitly critical approach to the environment and to life in general.

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Birthday   October  20  horoscope




Fate: October 20, produces contradictory nature, which gets the cruelty and kindness, which are often unpredictable in their actions. They have different talents, but often can not appreciate their natural abilities and rarely implement them until the end. If they can understand that a lot depends on them, they will be able to overcome their uncontrollable temper, to be merciful and kind, their lives will improve, will the prosperity and well-being. At the beginning of family life possible differences finances will take off and fall, but the average age is possible to achieve stability and prosperity, but only if they learn to resist the influence of people who want to profit at their expense.

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Birthday   October  19  horoscope



Fate: October 19 - the birthday of independent people who have the courage to always have an opinion, hardworking and savvy. It is because they retain a balance between caution and boldness, their cases invariably accompanies success, there is luck in the monetary sphere and harmonious family relations are different. Money will make using your intellect or implementing their own plans without performing ordinary routine work. Money will be needed to achieve some specific goals.

Mystery birthday: People born on October 19 are generally well-known, strong-willed and independent. Reviving the world, they are often too highly valued and distinguished themselves excessive straightforwardness. Not just love to take part in various competitions, but may create conflicts especially from scratch, just to compete with anyone. Persistent search for the truth - this is an eternal theme of life, so any ulterior motive, manipulation at the level of emotions and silent punishment without explanation cause their hostility. They can explode in a fit of anger, but then did not conceal anger and after the storm has passed, go to conciliation. Rather, they are driven by the desire to shed the true light on what is happening, especially on the subject interesting to them at the moment.

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Birthday   October  18  horoscope



Fate: It is the birthday of independent, enterprising people with powerful energy, persistence and stubbornness. Under these traits have a lot of colleagues and friends, but also a lot of envy and enemies. The family, too, not everything went smoothly - frequent conflicts over incontinence, inability to resolve them without bringing up the scandals and major quarrels. Born October 18 must learn to control your emotions, deal with tantrums, be prudent and calm. In business to work better individually. Then in the enterprise can expect success. Born on October 18 will be able to achieve a high position and power, but only if they win the temperament and the extra drive. And without the habit of self-control success will not be permanent.

Mystery birthday: People born on October 18 often play major roles in the drama of life, and not just a simple party, but also by influential leaders of what is happening around - at work, in society or in the family. Such people do not hesitate to move up, but the desire to take the royal chair, though great, but not unlimited. They can stay on a more modest achievements. They can not be considered conclusive and the typical leaders, too many people are interested in, and beyond that.

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Birthday   October  17  horoscope




Fate: This day is such that the negative character traits of people born on this day - ambition, unreasonable ambitions could intensify. They cooked a lot of trials and tribulations in life, and if they can overcome them and not become embittered, future life appear full of love and harmony. But if they can not cope with their baser traits, it will remain alone and lose the meaning of life. As a rule, they still reach the top of the social ladder, and financial well-being. Just spend the money rather unusual - organize scientific laboratories and clinics, implement any political or social initiatives.

The mystery of the birth: Born October 17, facing danger or difficulties, maintain their balance as the cat, trying not to lose their peace of mind. It would have been easy, but they love to take risks, so their main enemy - the instability, which they themselves create.

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Birthday   October  16  horoscope



Fate: It is the birthday of the hard-working, self-confident people. They have a rich imagination, they are stubborn and enterprising in achieving goals. Success in business promotes the ability to establish contacts. Outgoing them good energy attracts people who want to entrust them with their problems, desires and thoughts. People have no doubt that everything will remain secret and that promotes respect and trust. Good show themselves in the professions that require working with people - teaching, medicine, applied sciences. The family created an atmosphere of confidence, love, and friendship among all generations. Despite some difficulties in financial matters at the beginning of life, by the middle of all there is to secure material success and achieve sustainable prosperity.

Mystery birthday: People born on October 16 often argue and ponder decisions related to occupational or personal questions. They can assess the situation, to understand the essence of the issue and it is their natural quality. They have no preconceived opinions or prejudices are never asked to copy their personal morality and are not closed nature.

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Birthday   October  15  horoscope



Fate: It is the birthday of strong and resilient people. With a strong character, they are responsible, dutiful and careful. Special diplomacy and charm helping them to establish acquaintance with different people, which invariably moves them up the career ladder. The area where they can be most successful - art, theater, literary activity. In the field of finance, particularly in the investment, they are stable, and the marriage is usually happy. Also, they're lucky in a business partnership, and in any business that is related to public works (theater, teaching, coaching, counseling).

Mystery birthday: People born on October 15, has always defended its independence in all spheres - in the family, at work, including the environment. In the life performance can be the leading actors, but they can be the leader of the performance, or even comment, but play an important role. They have a strong influence on others, personally or through their work. Since the surrounding people willing to listen to those who are born on October 15, they have a great responsibility to its magnetism is not the right way to bring down others.

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Birthday   October  14  horoscope



Fate: This birthday friendly and hard-working people sensitive and responsive. They are always ready to help, always lean on, will not betray in critical situations. Their talents and skills will be able to manifest in the humanitarian sphere - art, religion, healing practices. Having a variety of events, and at times difficult, they will become wise, will receive the necessary life experience on which will create excellent conditions of life itself.

Mystery birthday: The slogan of people born October 14 - temperance, striving to find a balance between extremes. The challenge is in front of them - not to become boring or the orthodox, on the one hand, and not fall into the whirlpool of vile pleasures and passions, a nother. Any disruption to such a direct road leads to disaster, but at the same time provide an opportunity to beat the bugs in their favor.

At birth 14 October, there are strict limits, restricting their life as observing a measured course of events, they are deprived of ups, but avoid falling. The most advanced among those born October 14 very reserved and owned by a well. But hurry, they do not like, and especially not like to be rushed. Expresses itself mainly in artistic images, literature, music, but not the speakers.

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Birthday   October  13  horoscope



Fate: Today born brave, hard-working people with highly developed intuition. They are prone to mysticism and the occult sciences, as well as exhibit psychic abilities. Such qualities they can realize in religious affairs, philosophy, healing. Work - their chief assistant in achieving the objectives.

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Birthday   October  12  horoscope



Fate: Born October 12 ambitious, it is purposeful nature, their insight and intuition are hitting the key. Their plans are ambitious and grandiose, and the desire to realize their large. On all fronts, they will be successful: in the family - peace and prosperity in finance - Eldorado. However, the passion for power, or irrepressible thirst rise may lead to the collapse and loss of what had been conquered before.

Mystery birthday: a dominant position and the attention of birth 12 October take for granted and they are striving to win. They are well educated, and education is appropriate and is shown among the elite classes, and among ordinary people in any environment they feel comfortable. It is especially important for those born on this day the quality of their work, they are important to their valued authoritative people, the best of the best regardless of what position they have in society. Born on October 12 have excellent intuition in terms of finance and their participation and empathy to the relatives and friends, readiness to contribute money looks very touching. Pettiness and snobbery are unacceptable to them, so all of them are deprived of the generous hint of condescension.

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Birthday   October  11  horoscope



Fate: People born on October 11 - darlings of destiny. The ease and success will follow them everywhere, and everything what concerns their hand, charged with positive energy, impregnated with luck and prosperity. They are available for any field of activity, and everywhere they will surround your life comfortably. They can not do evil that will result in multiple fatalities, they should with compassion and kind to others, because they are the source of their prosperity.

Mystery birthday: imaginative born Oct. 11, they love the activity and excitement, always trying to occupy a central position and believe in their important social role. But their inner essence, sensual and thirsty, holding them back. Find a place for those born on October 11 is very important because career ladder is for them passes through great difficulties and setbacks. In the constant search for a suitable job, such a case in which they would be able to be realized, they change jobs and sectors of activity. But no matter what path they choose in the end, their unbridled pursuit of social and collective case does not dry out. Because social exclusion is unbearable for them. Their fate, their actions are always linked to the others, so the role of the representative of the group to which it is suited.

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Birthday   October  10  horoscope



Fate: Born October 10 independent and hard-working, energetic, seek justice, and are in search of harmony. Their motivation and commitment are so large that they are reaching a goal, put the bar even higher. They are characterized by frustration, they were constantly critical of yourself and others, which creates difficulties in personal and family relationships, making it impossible to achieve happiness in marriage and family. Only maturity will bring them the right attitude, they will understand the wrong and then we will be able to build a harmonious family relationships where reign peace, love and comfort. Financial success is possible, despite the difficulties and setbacks, born October 10 will find the financial well-being and will live as desire in the world of luxury and affluence.

Mystery birthday: caution inherent born on October 10 in business dealings and financial affairs. As a rule, they skillfully manage the money wisely by investing and disposing of them. The importance of money for them is that they are a kind of flag on the ship of life: there are fluttering in the wind flag - means the ship afloat and successfully conquers the world of business and money. Those born on this day are very prudent, analytic mind, and decisions are weighed. This position allows them to maneuver money and ensure the prosperity and well-being of business, family or organization.

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Birthday   October  9  horoscope



Fate: Born October 9 endowed with will, they stubbornly and persistently. They are cut and categorical and uncompromising them is intolerable, and it is preventing him and others. They should learn to be more flexible and to show goodwill to listen to others and understand them, and not just myself. They are prone to early marriages that lead to separation and divorce, after which grows in frustration and hopelessness that lead to depression. If they try to change and revise their views, then, may be able to withstand the vicissitudes of life.

Mystery birthday: Birth October 9 insightful look distinguished, accurate and critical, on someone else's life and the events around. But it is leading more heart than the mind, so the human qualities are most valuable to them. They are attractive nature, and may have an impact on others. The power of their intuition - is enormous, but the assessment of themselves, they can profoundly mistaken, especially as the center of an emotional explosion. Discernment and sharpness sight born October 9 so strong that conceal from them something impossible. However, to evaluate themselves objectively, they can not, even without seeing the obvious truths. In this situation, they are confused and hurt feelings towards another person.

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Birthday   October  8  horoscope



Fate: This day brings the world of hard-working people, aged and motivated. Just make the effort, they will be able to achieve the desired, but their labor. Their path strewn with anxieties, difficulties, intrigues, will lead them to unprecedented success, if they are true to their ideals and to be able to maintain, despite all the obstacles, the purity of soul, sincerity and compassion.

The mystery of the birth: Born October 8 perceive life as a love affair filled with love and beauty. They can elevate love to heaven by erecting these feelings on a pedestal and sacrificing them all. Or can suffer without finding this great feeling in my life. This sublime attitude tend to be born on October 8, not only in the sphere of love, they genuinely are interested in the wonders of nature, mysteries of the cosmos, the currents in the ocean and the planet's rotation. Born this day a highly developed intuition, which they use for understanding human psychology.

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Birthday   October  7  horoscope



Fate: People visionary born on this day. From them comes a nice energy, they charm, harmony, comfort, warmth and reliability. This lovely people, good friends, and creative nature, showing their talent in art, music, painting. They will accompany fame, respect, honor, and family life is a cozy haven for households.

Mystery birthday: Disobedience and stubbornness inherent in the nature of birth 7 October, and these qualities can emerge at any time. Those born on this day consider their attitudes and beliefs true, but objectively they can be contrary to the norms of society and the environment. Their stubbornness and protests are mostly directed to only one - to bring to life the best, as seen in their minds. Therefore, they are directed to the leadership, to have a legal right to command and control and bring changes for the better in life.

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Birthday   October  6  horoscope



Fate: Independence, sociability, communication skills and a special charm distinguishes born October 6. Their ability to easily deploy people to face due to their innate sense of balance that allows you to create a useful circle of acquaintances. They are characterized by a delicate taste. Can be realized in theatrical activities, music, journalism is.

Mystery birthday: Tendency to the instructions and teachings for the happy life of others and improve it - that's what distinguishes born October 6. But this does not mean daily patronage and guidance as born October 6 not identify themselves to the category of officials. Their main incentive for any business - fun, entertainment thirst, improve the quality of their lives. At full speed - born October 6 so live, seeing life as a fun adventure, pleasure, in which there is no place everyday. They seek to get round or simplify everyday affairs, the tedious and demanding force that creates opportunities for relaxation and more fun.

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Birthday   October  5  horoscope



Fate: thin-skinned and uncertainty inherent born October 5th. Rudeness and rude to them is totally unacceptable. These people are peacemakers trying to solve problems in a constructive way, peacefully, without swearing, shouting and mutual recriminations. To do this, they contain all the essential features - diplomacy and tact, so they are guaranteed a successful career. However, provided that they cease to be hesitant and will gain confidence. Their marriages are usually happy, these people create a quiet family idyll, of which overlook the wonderful parents. Material scope also pleased - it will always be a success, stability and prosperity.

Mystery birthday: truth-seekers - so you can call born October 5, they are fighting for the truth until the end. Any discrimination, corruption, injustice sharply criticizes their part and exhibited outside of their efforts are directed at identifying these social vices and remove as far as possible. Involve family members, friends and acquaintances to his occupation - the case for those born October 5 usual. In any place, be it a house, a circle of friends or carpet chief, born on this day do not lose their determination and courage in their actions. They are sensitive about their rights and are assertive if they feel infringement. Also born on October 5 will not accept insulting the dignity. Fair play to them above all else, even though it is often the pursuit of honesty looks like a personal interest.


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Birthday   October  4  horoscope



Fate: The duality - that is the main feature of birth 4 October. Intuition they developed as anybody else, they are cunning, resourceful, often addicted to the occult. Vibrations October 4 reinforce the strong character traits inherent in the human personality, born on this day. Their life, their path and everything that happens will be determined by the nature of their own, directly depend on it. The path of goodness, mercy and love will lead them to a happy and serene life, the path of evil as turn them into miserable and joyless people living on earth in vain.

Mystery birthday: Immediately and easily born October 4 go through life without looking at someone else's opinion, and doing the basis of their considerations. The exterior is soft and pleasant people who sympathize with, but for the cute appearance is almost always hidden a solid inner core, which has been drawn up by the person overcome difficulties in this imperfect world. It is a realistic approach allows them ironically refer to many things, and be sverhnablyudatelnymi have a subtle sense of humor.

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Birthday   October  3  horoscope



Fate: Decisive, strong-willed, people born on this day. The vibrations of the day significantly enhance the positive qualities of their character. People born on this day are lucky and successful. They have a lot of friends of the powerful, and all that they do, they manage to fame.

Mystery birthday: Ongoing changes in society, are well accepted by birth 3 October. They do not just follow fashion trends, but also able to be their guides in your social circle. They feel particularly satisfied, having stylish clothes. Get real pleasure - from houses, furnished in accordance with the latest fashion trends in interior design; vehicles with full power, that is, they try to keep abreast of events and keep up with them on a step. However, tradition has a place in their lives, that to some extent is the key to their success.

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Birthday sign  October  2 horoscope



Fate: Owners superior intuition, motivated people born on this day. On them you can even say that they were prescient. Direct their talents and abilities to good works, going through life with dignity, they can create for themselves a comfortable environment. The greatest success they can achieve in the field of theater, literature and music. They are stable enough, and financial position.

Mystery birthday: Never born October 2 are not confused in his words. The opinion they express with great frankness. And rarely retain doubts about their thoughts on any subject. Most memorable are his ability to produce competent, witty and speak clearly and their reticence. Those born on this day often allow us to understand their feelings, not a drop, not frustrating and not annoyed about it. Sometimes, they are characterized by an excessive and critical in evaluating special taunt someone that causes a negative reaction from the people they are addressed to perceive their words too literally, or as an insult to his address.

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Birthday   October  1 horoscope



Fate: People who in life will be plenty of opportunities to show themselves and their skills with the best hand are born on this day. They will undoubtedly be a success, and they have a mass of talent. However, the vibration of the day the most pronounced increase their quality and character traits. Only up to them how the rest of their lives, what activities are preferred and what are their living conditions. Those of them, who would do good, it will return a hundredfold. And who will do evil will be unhappy.

Mystery birthday: in the family, his circle of friends, in the workplace born October 1 are masters of the situation more than others. They reach this mainly due to their ability to look far ahead and the ability to work, rather than aggressive or disruptive force. Outstanding ability born October 1 surrounding felt on the level of instincts, which sometimes do not like born on that day, because they are not ambitious personality. Even being in the spotlight for their enormous stress, often psychological, which handle them is very difficult.

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