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Destiny: dual nature have born on this day. They have a versatile talent, but due to the nature of the adventure of finding the right application, they are unlikely. They tend to get involved in dubious cases. Sometimes their goals for themselves is a mystery, so the constant throwing them natural. Do not determine the final in any visible goals, they will just wander aimlessly through life. Therefore, they should generate the confidence, determination, perseverance, to always see the target and go to the attainment of a decent life.

Mystery birthday: Birth November 30 almost never hurrying to catch everything that they do, they make systematically reasonably and prudently. They laid an instinctive feeling that allows to know the time of impact, that it was right on target. Intuition their overdeveloped, so it is not difficult to suddenly attack anyone who opposes their dreams and initiatives. Opponents, rivals and enemies see their failures carefully planned and costed work born November 30th. Much information can be obtained about those born on this day by the method of their work and behavior during the labor process.

Separating your customer by offering concepts and positioning it to himself, born November 30 mentally are several strands to further developments in order to be ready for any eventuality. It all starts with basic training, determining the venue, time, are carefully selected, and the unsuspecting victim remains paralyzed. And then - there comes a time to attack.

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Those born on this day are brilliant and pompous art of doing business has no equal. From clothes and planned speech to the duration of the conversation - all painted and approved. The usual result of this behavior is the consent of the client, how can you refuse such professionals. However, lesions born on this day should also be reconciled - there are circumstances beyond their flawless execution. They should learn to admit their blunders, accept them and move on with a clean heart. They are laid out as much as possible to get things done, and thanks to their talents they can sometimes not very tense.

Most born November 30 excellent sense of humor and ability to talk about serious in a joking manner, naturally, with a smile. Sometimes humorous notes are subtle, though, and can lead to fits of laughter loudly. Their ability to mimic and flawless, they can disguise a satire, so that you can notice the smirk with difficulty. And such behavior is humorous - an occasion to reflect to others. Showing courtesy and politeness, born November 30, they tend to take a defensive perimeter during an attack on them. And then applied a crushing blow in return. They need to perceive the behavior and words of others, or their psychological vulnerability become apparent to all. Prone to touchiness, they are able to withstand the most severe ridicule strangers.

There they have very harmful tendency - to wait for the right moment, so they should not hoard a negative energy, to suppress feelings, hiding deep disappointment. The more advanced the individual born of November 30 are able to meet the negative dignity, calmly, without malice. Their nature has some childishness, so most ordinary, simple things can move them. And the truth is, born on this day, with all its durability and strong resistance to hypocrisy, malice, attacks, open your soul to the kindness and sincerity.

Health: Depression for those born November 30 - a terrible disease, it comes at the moment of collapse, failures, unfulfilled hopes. Being assertive natures, they are genuinely puzzled how they lost. And such feelings of dissolution, loss of energy, emotional imbalance can cause the internal fear. To gain the psychological well-being, they should take for granted the possibility of any event (even losing them), and to adapt to reality. Physically born November 30 healthy, cheerful, energetic, have a keen interest in the delicious viands, sexual pleasures and exercise. Fresh air is useful for them as well as the nature or animals. Those born on this day should be weighed against the forces and the workload, or the labor enthusiasm and excess liability will lead to disorders of the nervous system. It is undesirable and to self-medicate, professional help is useful and safe.

Tip: Leave room for contingencies, improvise. Reduce the speed of life. Self-control is important, but it must have limits, spontaneity has its own charm. With humor about yourself, to easily accept failure. The dosage will be useful kidding.

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