Birthday November  29  horoscope



Fate: Happy people on the ground sends a fate on this day, they are enchanting. From them comes the powerful energy that can subtly influence others. These people have a strong will and perseverance, they can not stop the move forward, they have a strong character. So from them will depend on many things. Having chosen the path of light, it is strewn with victories and achievements, who themselves will go into their hands, as if by magic. The dark road will lead them to a bleak and disappointing results. Spangled betrayal, intrigue, malice, their path comes to a standstill loneliness and loss.

Mystery birthday: These people are provocateurs, experiencing the pleasure of his wiles and "rocking the boat", and even the presence of a born November 29 can change the course of events. They are not afraid of criticisms of them as offenders, they are not interested and do not matter. And born Nov. 29 ably possess the ability to use emotional levers. It's amazing how they manage to sharp word, a raised eyebrow or screaming silence lead to the desired results for them.

Perhaps they attribute to themselves the title of lackeys truth, and not worth getting up at them across the road. He who dares it falls under their chastening hand, and the punishment truly ruthlessly because fall exactly in a vulnerable position. And all because of the amazing talent to be aware of "Achilles' heels" of others. Only one thing can be alerted in this - the ability to stop to such actions in the name of justice were not sadistic or deprived of good sense.

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Born November 29 can hardly be called good citizens, contributing to strengthening the stability of the political, social, public institutions, but their very existence and behavior, they just force these institutions to observe the public law and perform their duties honestly. Life born on this day can be filled with long and permanent relationship, affection, thanks to which their family can be safe. They were compared with a stationary storm, with its twists remaining in his native land, near the house. Inside the hurricane protected from external adversity and can enjoy the tranquility. But born November 29 themselves do not permit - emotional instability excites them constantly, require traffic concerns. They simply make it difficult for others, but beating them power trouble not able to see one, as well as understand the severity. Only the most attentive observer is able to see the suffering of those born on this day, when they are alone with them, to see their heavy burden, depending on the internal churning, concentrated in the shower.

If we talk about ambition and ambition is for those born on November 29, they are not relevant, they simply are not enough hours in the day to even think about a world that you want to conquer. They often stop at any career stage, having reached a certain social status and abandoning the conquest of these peaks. However, their ability to survive in different conditions allows them to more long time to influence the situation and pop provocation.

If one day will be a question of overthrowing born November 29, then the answer will be the instigators of the palm - a colleague, who are tired of being targets of criticism. With regret we note that these feelings can experience and loved ones to which one becomes aware of an alternative life - not born November 29, although it will be easier, boring and ordinary. Those born on this day is necessary to restrain a seditious tendency, provocative attacks and allow events to go naturally, without their intervention.

Health: Mental disorders born November 29 contraindicated. Under the blows of depression and feelings of their nervous system can fail. Therefore, the most important for them is the finding of mental calm and hold it under any circumstances. In addition to these frequent problems of hormonal nature - endocrine diseases, goiter, sexual disorders. They greatly help culinary hobbies and healthy eating, focused on vegetables, fruits, cereals. With sugar, fatty, sugary foods and red meat should be careful. Newfound peace of mind will also contribute to physical activity and sexual pleasures.

Tip: Sometimes it is not necessary to put on display their views, moral principles and judgments. Be calm. Learn to sometimes not to engage in the debate and watch from the sidelines and be silent, eventually your opinion will remain with you. Improve the world with the help has given you talents.

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