Birthday November  28  horoscope



Fate: heart full of courage born on this day. They are brave and hardworking. Showing enviable ability, they are talented, just, and good luck sheltering them from adversity. Their reliability is not questioned, they are always ready to lean on and lend a helping hand, others can be assured of their loyalty and reliability. Light began to allow them to be successful in all kinds of activities and endeavors. Their lives are going according to the book - easily, happily, happily.

Mystery birthday: Persons born on November 28 are classified as strong, so they should go their separate ways. In their souls lurk paradoxical properties, so often they appear before others in different guises, affecting the aggressiveness, the sensitivity. They need to have their own world view, although they can vary the speed of sound, entangled in a maze of irony or seriousness. Often determine the identity of birth 28 November to one group or another is difficult, whether they are conservative, or radicals, or right, or left, whether anarchists, or peace officers.

Although all of these concepts can hardly be applied to the birth 28 November with their original thinking, and watch and evaluate their possible only through belief systems created by them. Despite appearances physically strong people, yet born on this day the main basis of its existence is considered the beginning of an intellectual and moral side of the individual. Occasionally they take the established views, religious system or dogma, regardless of social or professional affiliation, they strongly defend its position.

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Born November 28 can be called self-taught thinkers, aspiring to knowledge, and a school for them can become quite nasty episode in his life, in the case of poor - a prison, restricting their intellectual freedom. They tend to always plan a counterattack, disagreeing with absolute units, contradicting any generalizations and resisting them. Skillful handling of humor is also present in the character of birth 28 November. Their conclusion and ironic wit are elegant tools in the confrontation with opponents, as well as an instrument for the reports and explanations surrounding their views. And in this role, they look very seriously.

Emotional sphere is also filled with passion, in which birth 28 November easily get involved and create themselves. Romance they did not last long, it sickens constancy. But friendship is, on the contrary, an attractive and stable external and heroically reliable content. From the look of birth 28 November freedom-loving people with complex, rich imbalance, recalcitrance, the contradictions and the desire to act on its own. Now they can be generous and happy, and after five minutes of exercise unreasonable selfishness, and all of them.

Their light energy and kindness tend to sensitively perceive animals and children are more intuitive for promises, for adults, and critical analyzes all around, it is more difficult. What really gives born on this day happiness, because it is a love of nature, becoming the best shelter from life's hardships and uncertainties. Perhaps the most difficult task for those born on November 28 - to know himself, to take the negative properties and facilities, internal problems. Just do not rush and allows you to look at myself, skeptical and objective view. Therefore, care work for them becomes an escape from the study of his personality.

Born November 28 should make every effort to limit the opportunities to build and balance exactly the most important perception of their abilities - intellect, emotions, intuition, feelings. Only such an equilibrium state will provide a reconciliation of birth 28 November with oneself and social norms.

Health: Reliable rear of the home, giving calm and peace, for those born on November 28 is extremely necessary. It is also important the interaction with living beings in the form of animals and plants. It is advisable to a vegetarian diet, but meat lovers should complement the meat dishes with vegetables, dairy products and bread. To get away from problems through alcohol or drug exposure oblivion for those born on this day did not yield. They should take care of the lungs, bronchi, smokers are advised to check the status of the pulmonary system, listening to the doctors that promote smoking cessation. Exercise for those born on this day just a joy, so they are interested in different kinds of sports and physical activities.

Tip: Physical energy needs to flow in a safe way, learn to find it. Study yourself. Objective approach to its own ideas, do not have double standards in assessing the ideas of others. Look for harmony in life. And shalt in his soul, in need of periodic shake-up.

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