Birthday November  27  horoscope



Fate: Persistence and stubbornness - striking features born on this day. They are motivated, imperturbable and determined. Just reach their own plans. And their fate - in their hands. The desire for a prosperous life and the application of maximum efforts to achieve it will lead to happiness and well-being, and success will become a way of life. If they let go the reins and become weak-willed creatures in the face of fate, dull, faded life are guaranteed.

Mystery birthday: So people tend to generate any excitement or fall into the maelstrom of exciting events, or combine both properties. Born November 27 easy-going, they are ready to electrify everything they touch. Those born on this day is so impulsive, sometimes do not even think about them choose the right path, they have no time to talk about it. Often intuition comes to help, but she does not insure against trouble.

Born on November 27 may surprise manifestation of neurotic traits when their inner being and the outer world are covered by a continuous motion. They are capable of operating at the limit of strength, energy laying out completely when the job requires adherence to strict deadlines. As a rule, these people are indispensable in a team, so they undertake the responsibility.

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An instinctive feel for what you need to give to colleagues in one point or another technically or emotionally, allows them to take leadership positions. Not having authoritarian tendencies, born on this day are themselves internally to protest against the restrictions, which they will need to impose on employees, they even feel discomfort and inconvenience of their power.

For them, freedom of action - only the desired need. Surrounding it should be taken for granted, and if put up with such a property born November 27, will be happy with them. If one born on this day to meet people with high morals, or individuals with inflexible mentality, then they will be disappointed, which can result in irritability and temper tantrums. Angry feelings, as such, can greatly harm born on this day. Latent resentment can lead to prolonged depression and low self-esteem. Any perceived successes and failures of birth 27 November hyperbolic if ups - to the heights of space, if failures - something catastrophic.

The life of such people is not like a pendulum, swinging from bad to happy events, because each period, born on this day, long enough. Born November 27 hard resign themselves to despair, and yet they are bright periods longer. Family life is born on November 27th could be harmonious and happy, because they love children, love to equip the family nest, making it a reliable rear. Happiness for those born on November 27 is the harmonious combination of family ties and freedom of movement, but in reality this rarely translates synthesis.

Communicating with children born on November 27 is more like a fellowship of peers, friends or brothers / sisters, so even in this case they are not able to show authoritarian features. And it can lead to serious problems for children in need of authoritarian strongman parent is not met in the home, the child will seek parental power in the outside world. The circumstances of life born November 27 permanently linked to violence. Sometimes they become a source of violence, or exhibit this quality in relation to others. For their spiritual life is necessary pacification of spills energy, the ability to accept change and to cope with difficulties. The development of their personality must pass through an awareness of their energy potential and its direction in the design, the right direction.

Health: Strong emotions peculiar birth 27 November, so the muscles and the nervous system are periodically tense. Therefore, a prerequisite for their lives must be reasonable, especially with age. The presence of a permanent partner for those born on November 27 will be the supporting factor, but because of their personality permanent relationship unlikely. They need to strive for a relaxed atmosphere, eat slowly, with pleasure. Miraculous effects they may have on the comfort, care and restful sleep. The food should include coarse food - bread, brown rice, corn, root vegetables, pasta, some meats, poultry.

Tip: to pacify the power of the storm inside. Direct the energy into positive, creating flow. An attempt is made to a deeper knowledge of myself. Ask for help or leniency - not ashamed, do not be afraid of it.

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