Birthday November  25  horoscope



Fate: Quiet people are born this day, they are responsible and kind. The first half of life can be complicated by difficulties in various tribulations, setbacks. However, the high patron greatly help to overcome them and create favorable conditions surrounding life. They will achieve the position, career, create a wonderful family, will establish a way of life, which is the prosperity and luxury.

Mystery birthday: These people - experts in various life tricks, they know how to win the marathon, is not wasting energy and to breathe correctly. They are in no hurry, but bring events closer. Their dynamism and furious energy does not exclude the presence of internal restraint, which adds to the treasury of the merits of another large bill. Daily work of born November 25 dynamic and productive, but in personal relationships reigns serenity, sensitivity, equanimity. Their tremendous energy - not chaos, but directed, smooth, smooth avalanche. Often they choose individual work and being in solitude, but a red thread through their life is attachment to anyone, and it certainly strong individuals - parents, spouses or children.

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Born November 25 tend to be in the shadow of this person, but there comes a time for self-navigation, and they go into it, coming out of the shadows. Such symbiotic relationship born on November 25 are not uncommon and can be lengthy. However, break, divorce, broken relationships with loved ones can dramatically their break and lead to the fact that those born on this day are beginning to be self-sufficient, requires recognition from others. At times they observed a romantic admiration for a figure or image, the source of such traits are a fantasy and dreams were born on November 25 in his youth. It is not surprising is the admiration born November 25 talented individuals, whose success they simply idolize.

Those born on this day rush to victory, firmly believes in their ability, but the failure overthrow them in the abyss of anguish, depression, leading to a nervous breakdown. Another aspect of productivity and enthusiasm at work becomes that they become coordinated and effective center, without which the work of secondary units is slowing down, they become indispensable. A changing lifestyle and move away from the elementary workflow they can not. Only the favorite activities among households can be an alternative to operating problems. With age comes to them the desire to contemplate the life, to acquire spiritual knowledge.

As a rule, in a career born on this day prioritize in this order: Excellence - power - money. They have much to give to people and to share with others, of course, in accordance with its terms. Despite this, the legacy born November 25 large and consists not only in material values. This educated children, and property and wealth, and its contribution to the science or art.

Person born November 25 highly moral, and the concept of good and evil they become orderly. However, it is not necessary to promote these values and impose them on others. Also born on this day is necessary to restrain their brutality and authoritarianism. Expectations, assumptions and expectations born November 25, which are not fulfilled, not fulfilled, lead them to depression, so do not make a strong opinion about people and events.

Health: The positive and sustainable attitude to life those born on November 25 does not take away. But they should use energy more efficiently, avoid negative influences those with malicious intent can arrange them yourself. Therefore, born November 25 must learn to say "no" and to be vigilant. They need to keep track of your legs and take preventive measures to prevent circulatory diseases (varicose veins, etc), with age not to ignore these problems. Proper nutrition they need as they go to extremes - forgetting to eat or indulge in gluttony. They recommended that a regular diet rich in fresh vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, enriched with proteins in general. High activity born on this day allows them to dispense with the exercise, however, and their presence only benefit.

Tip: Do not judge, do not condemn, it's not for you. Maintain independence, suppress worship, painful affection and imagination. Do not force anything, and do not force anyone. Develop communicative traits.

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