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Fate: Born November 23 - holders of the complex nature, they are strong-willed, mobile, energetic, sometimes recklessly thrown into the pool with his head, and sometimes there are also aggressive. They are distinguished by thinking outside the box. This makes them the black sheep among others, all of which are blamed on the strangeness born on this day, they just do not relate to them seriously that creates alienation, isolation and the accumulation of grievances in the soul born on November 23. With them hard to communicate, they are cautious, they are characterized by suspicion in the relationship. And all their existence like a struggle in which at stake - survival. The financial sector is full of both successes and failures.

Mystery birthday: open confrontation and power management systems are well characterized born November 23. They openly oppose, fearing nothing. Thus on faith that they are unlikely to accept. However, this fact did not cast them from compliance with the generally accepted precepts, for them the main thing to prove and verify the truth of their faith. If they will impose unacceptable demands that do not cause them respect, they may respond in silence or laconic, or even limited to eloquent gesture.

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Typically, born November 23 can yield to the disputing parties, but constantly generate conflict - their vocation. We were born on this day feisty character, cocky and irreconcilable, especially if they are among the alien and unpleasant for them men. Therefore, it is better to be in a supportive and friendly atmosphere, or even alone. Such people tend to be guided by the principle: live and let live others. However, their sanity disappears, is their touch. They can be so cruel that no one can not dream. And while they are still vulnerable when it comes to certain topics that are often used in the form of arms surrounding the manipulation and pressure.

Such is the Day of irreverence, without quarrel nowhere. Especially in his youth born November 23 have constant conflicts with their parents or one of them. Moreover, and as an adult child the spirit of contradiction, still lives inside. Only in adulthood (age 40-50), they can not correct, set a different program for his reckless nature of the conflict. The death of a parent, departed without reconciliation and mutual understanding with those born on November 23 could have a devastating effect on their souls. Therefore, they need to keep in mind the brevity of life and the rush to build relationships, to smooth out the contradictions reconciled and achieve mutual understanding, it is too late.

Born November 23 characterized by excellent response, they also have a good sense of humor. If the latter is developed to a lesser extent, it is necessary to improve and develop, it can make an air bag, facilitate and relieve tension in conflict situations. The development of "light" feeling will stimulate the evolution of those born on this day. As a rule, to think about the intangible they start breaking the thirty-year milestone, but the full realization of the importance of spiritual life comes much later, through 10-12 years.

They would have to resort to a relaxation in the form of meditation, to give vent to negative energy and get rid of negative energy interfering. Sounds contradictory, but born November 23 have a strong potential to lead them to success, credibility and stability. To grow spiritually, they need consistency, both at work and in your personal life, family. If their life is organized properly and harmoniously, they acquire a life of mind and their wild instincts remain under lock and key. For higher goals and aspirations forward, they should be adamant to develop further.

Health: Nervousness is inherent born on November 23, they tend to follow a complex of self-isolation, detachment. Psychological balance - that the primary task for them, it is difficult, but feasible and rewarding. They should be open to criticism and not be afraid of it, to train its essence, the criticism will always be, and should be able to answer it. For mental health vulnerabilities lead their continuing search for the philosophical foundations, spiritual, religious postulates for life.

But earthly pleasures born November 23 are not alien, especially delicious dishes and bedding joy. If they succumb to overeating and a tendency to oily, harmful, high-calorie food, their power will be destroyed. As to physical activity, any exercise is difficult for them, but they should in any way be engaged in itself, though not bothering.

Tip: Keep your reactions under control. Close the other access to managing your feelings. Cultivate objectivity to evaluate themselves with the position of others, from the side. Do not stop to grow, it is necessary for you from birth to old age.

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